Long Riders! Episode 4 Review – “A Secret Part-Time Job”

No bike rides this episode, but it was a scandalous episode nonetheless! Cheating on partners, women with secret agendas, girls fantasizing about friends in skimpy outfits, and embarassing part-time jobs, oh my!

(Spoilers in this review)

I make the episode sound like a soap drama, but Ami just buys a road bike. Well, more like she puts down a deposit in order to claim the bike until she can afford to buy it. We get to hear a brief summary about different bike types in this episode, by the way.

Pontakun, you’re now her side lover.
Plotters rejoicing over how Ami is such a sucker.

In order to pay for the new bike, however, Ami starts working a second part-time job. Apparently she already works at a family restaurant.

Before we get to find out the embarassing nature of this second job, however, we get to see Hinako’s embarassing job. Cycling is an expensive hobby!

Hinako’s parents run a Chinese restaurant!
Hinako imagining how the qipao would suit Yayoi more.
Little did she know her friend was all too willing to betray her trust!

While lounging about at home, Aoi ends up worrying about Ami’s second part-time job, which Ami admits as being embarassing. Yayoi and Hinako manipulates Aoi into thinking that tailing Ami is the only option!

Aoi, your image of Ami is a bit… off.

It turns out Ami is not working as a hostess. However, she does work as a waitress in a made cafe, which is probably worse.

You… can be a clumsy maid! Not nearly as touching as Boku no Hero Academia, I’ll admit.
“Make a heart shape close to your chest and say it with me: ‘Yummy, yummy!'”
Of course these two can’t resist embarassing Ami.

By the way, I just found out while writing this episode review that Ichinose Yayoi’s seiyuu, Kurosawa Yurika, is a new VA! This is her second role! I probably should start paying more attention to these kinds of things, huh?

This show is still going nowhere, by the way. It’s probably the most boring show I’m following this season. I’m trying to avoid giving just the play-by-play these days, but I have nothing else to write about when it comes to this show. Still, I’m not going to quit – just don’t expect a favorable review of Long Riders! I’m sorry that Kurosawa Yurika’s first debut in a major role was for this show, to be honest.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Ji mete no rōdobaiku.” I think it’s roughly “First Roadbike”? Well, see you next week…


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