Stella no Mahou Episode 6 Review – “Exhibition Sale”

The gang managed to finish the game in time for the event. Time to set up shop and sell a few copies! That’s the plan, at least.

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, this episode had the usual antics I’ve come to expect from Stella no Mahou – Tamaki looking incredibly cute as well as Seki reacting poorly to people reading her writing. Yumine also clearly puts her fascination with BL on full display once again. What was different, however, was the amount of shipping that happened. Suddenly Tamaki is super popular!

The event was considered a success for the SNS club despite only selling 4 copies (and two of them were to people they know. One of them was in disguise, though). Small steps!

Afterwards they all meet up at Seki’s house to celebrate. This is where all the magic shipping happens in this episode.

I’m kind of left wondering what’s left for this club and this show. They finished Stella no Mahou (the game) and celebrated its completion. Do they enter more events? Do they drop the whole “make-your-own-doujin-game” aspect and play up the yuri shipping / slice-of-life aspects? Next week has me curious, that’s for sure.

Next week’s episode is titled, “First Memory.” Judging from the preview, the episode continues with the yuri shipping. Don’t mind if I do!

The rest of the post will contain images (from the episode) that I thought were interesting.

“Image of senpai…breaking…” “Nonono, they belonged to Teru-senpai!”
Their first customer!


The bunny ears boosted Honda Tamaki’s Moe levels by at least 50%.
“Yo I need that pic even though I took about a hundred of Tama-chan earlier. Send. it. to. me.”
Another customer!
…but it was me, Teru!
Sick Shiina is best Shiina?
The perks of being the king when you’re playing the king’s game with your friends are immeasurable.
“Hands off my bread!”
“It’s just physical intimacy, though, LOL”
“No…you don’t understand…”
“Tama-chama is a seme!” (I’m not making up this line, either).
Calm down, Yumine!
Yumine has detected a comrade!
Wait, Yumine, you’ve skipped like 2 steps here. A relationship should progress smoothly and gradually…
Definitely one of the selling points of this show is Seki’s reactions to her old writing being read.
She may grab the eye of many a maiden, but Tamaki seems happiest with Shiina.

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