Stella no Mahou Episode 7 Review – “First Memory”

Now that the SNS Club has produced and sold their game at a convention (and had a celebratory party over aforementioned activities), what’s their next step?

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, before we find out about the SNS Club’s next goal, the episode opens with a short scene involving an unnamed character. She insults the SNS Club’s website for being amateurish and for not appreciating Tamaki. Who is she?

Whoa, she seems to be a bit obsessed over Tamaki. Can’t blame her, though!
She does seem familiar.

To be honest, I didn’t really realize who she was until the end of the episode where she confronts Tamaki and says she challenged their hideout before. This must be the girl who approached the club while they were pulling an all-nighter back in episode 5!

new club member.png
Ehehe her uniform is too large for her, too. Maybe she can be friends with Tamaki.
But she looks a lot scarier than how she was in episode 5…

So that’s how the episode ends. We’ll get her name next week! In between the appearances of this new character, however, we get an episode that’s split between Kayo and Yumine.

I’m all for this and I think it was about time Kayo gets her chance to shine. She’s definitely the SNS Club member we know the least about. The fact that she’s voiced by Yuuki Aoi definitely helps me like her a lot, too.

Well, Kayo and Tamaki (and Yumine) get involved in the typical misunderstanding mishap. Even though Kayo is just writing poems and songs, Tamaki (and Yumine) mistakenly believe she’s become a lustful girl who jumps from one partner to another.

Cutest cheerleader.
It’s only partially her fault, but Kayo isn’t the greatest at communication.
Yumine imagining Tamaki becoming a cold-blooded killer to protect Kayo’s mushy and complicated love.
“Let’s make a baby” = “Let’s write music!” It’s city slang, Tamaki!
We were waiting for this!
Absent-minded Tamaki realizing the misunderstanding faster than I expected.

The second chunk of the episode was just a huge flashback where Tamaki remembers how she became friends with Yumine. Tamaki was always a bit of an airhead, but it looks like Yumine used to be a standoffish, ill girl.

These days it’s hard to imagine Yumine being sickly if her imagination is this robust.
A true friend!
The sickly Yumine!
These pictures don’t do a good job showing how prickly Yumine originally was, but games warmed up her frozen heart!
The birth of a gaming fan; the rise of a shipper.
And back to present day.

The episode even had “プ・レ・ゼ・ン・ト” playing as the flashback concluded. You know, the second track in Shino Shimoji’s single, “God Save The Girls” (the single for the OP)? It’s a good song and a good single. Give it a listen.

Before the whole misunderstanding thing happened, however, Seki mentioned something about another game. So that answers the question regarding the SNS Club’s next goal. It’s why Kayo was trying to brainstorm more songs, as well.

And as I mentioned earlier, the episode ends with Pink confronting Tamaki. Oh, dear.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Don’t Underestimate Debugging?” Debugging is no joke, though. You have to be so thorough in your reports…  Seems like there’s going to be a showdown between Pink and Tamaki according to the episode preview. Shiina also lets out an amazing deathcry. Anyways, see you next week!

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