Girlish Number Episode 6 Review – “Chitose on the Beach and the Budget That Won’t Go Through”

It’s the obligatory beach episode!

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, the swimsuit antics barely last a third of the episode since they’re just shooting bonus material (pictures and a video) for fans who buy Kusure releases, which is fine by me. That just means more time for industries to make fun of and dreams to crash!

Our heroine is still traumatized by the live stream comments.
But she’s quick to regain her confidence.

I think the things I want to point out in this episode can fall under three general categories.

1. Booze revealing hidden thoughts as well as being a means of escapism

A lot of drinking scenes in this episode, which makes sense since everyone is stressed out. As a result, we see a lot of funny antics. The other managers start making their moves on Gojo-kun, even.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Turns out she’s Momoka’s manager. She later tries her best to comfort Kazuha’s manager, too, so maybe this ship isn’t sailing.

Yae gets pretty savage when she’s had a few too many drinks. You gotta watch out for the gentle girls, I tell ya.

Bringing up a fellow woman’s age is a low blow!


Kazuha also really gets hammered this episode.

She defends Gojo-kun and then starts a pillow fight…
I want to protect that smile!
“Please press your lips firmly together in order to cease verbal communication.”
“Yay I get a free ride home.”

2. More light shed on the girls’ situations

Kazuha drinks a lot in this episode in order to forget. The idealist wants to forget that she was ever involved with Kusure, which she knows is a dud. Too bad drinking isn’t very good for that.

Her mom also calls her several times during a wrap party. Maybe mommy is overprotective. Maybe she has family expectations to live up to. Speaking of which…

“I don’t know.”

Previous episodes have alluded to her problem, but our prissy little rich girl most definitely has issues with her mother. The jury is out in regard to whether or not it’s an inferiority complex or having to live up to the family name, etc.

We also get to learn a bit about Koto’s situation. She’s 26, which is getting up there in terms of age for voice actresses. She had decided that if she couldn’t land a main role soon, she’ll give up, go home, and try to get married. Her parents hadn’t told her to do so, but she decided that she has to decide the best path possible for herself. Damn, you’re so mature, Koto!

She also tries her best to get involved with Kazuha and get her to join the others. Maybe the two of them are on the path of friendship.


Nothing really for Yae. I guess she’s just getting by (heh).

As for Chitose… she’s realized she is in a pinch (again). Her fellow newbie voice actresses are getting tons of offers whereas she’s getting nothing. But if Chitose takes a step forward, she will always take a step backwards in order to give the story a plot as well as make us angry. She has to come to terms with her situation soon or else a tragedy will surely occur. Well, I guess that’s appealing in its own right, too.

Chitose, wake up!

3. Kusure

is in the red (so they’re losing a lot of money instead of earning money) and Kuzu P just passed the responsibility of the second season to Towada AP. Meanwhile Kuzu P and President Namba are moving onto a different series.

“You can do it, fam.”
*reconsidering career choices*

I guess Kuzu’s secret strategy was to drag everyone to Okinawa where he can spend the budget and make a bonus materials video in order to booster sales for Kusure? Kuzu P really is trash!

Judging from the episode title, Towada AP now has to try to make the second season work while having a much smaller budget. Good luck, Towada AP.

Next week’s episode is titled, “やじうま千歳と授業参観.” See you next week!

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