Long Riders! Episode 5 Review – “A Changing World”

The studio has been having troubles releasing Long Riders! on a weekly basis, so here we are on episode 5 when most shows are around episode 7.

(Spoilers in this review)

A few things to note: a lot of CGI this episode. Well, I’m pretty sure there was a lot of CGI in previous episodes but I guess the downtime between episode 4 and episode 5 made me really conscious of it. Marathoning Bakuon!! this week probably helped in that regard, too.

The OP has now changed to incorporate Saki, the awesome lady Ami and Aoi met at Shibu Pass (guess who makes an appearance in this episode). It’s always nice when an OP changes mid-season.

The girls have started calling each other cute. It’s to be expected in a world without men, right? I mean, I haven’t seen any thus far, I think…

Anyways, Ami now has the money to purchase the road bike she was eyeing the previous episode. She’s ecstatic as she bikes home with the others! Her world has changed!

Not an ad for Red Bull, surprisingly enough.

Hinako then receives a call from a biking friend who wants to meet up with Hinako and her friends. Viewers should already know who she is.

It’s Saki!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Long Riders! episode if Ami isn’t forced to buy expensive things in order to comfortably enjoy cycling. It’s an expensive hobby!

Hinako enjoying the crying face of her kouhai.

So that covers the first half. The second half of the episode has Ami cycling alone because a) Hinako had work
b) Yayoi had family plans
c) Aoi had plans

Despite everyone being busy, she is just too excited! So she goes by herself and gets a flat tire. Good thing she bought a spare tire kit since she followed Hinako’s advice! Oh, well, she messed up twice and she had no more spare tubes. But then a very kind group of bikers come across her and help her out.

They’re also wearing the same jersey Hinako wears aka the ones everyone in the OP wears. That’s definitely going to be addressed later.

Ami then runs into Aoi at the dairy farm / soft cream / ice cream place. She then confesses to Aoi that biking alone was a lot less fulfilling than biking as a group. Well, I gotta appreciate how honestly blunt Ami is.

Ami isn’t used to such straightforward approaches!

While this is happening, Saki and Yayoi head over to Hinako’s family restaurant and basically harass Hinako by taking loads of pictures. Well, she gets paid twice as much wearing a bunnygirl costume, so it can’t be helped.

The two schemers planning on corrupting Ami and Aoi.
HInako being a typical tsundere while the other two enjoy the eyecandy.

Maybe next week all five girls can start biking together and then the group race can be brought up again? It’ll be hard given that Saki is apparently always busy with part-time jobs, but we’ll see. The pace is progressing slowly but surely.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Fortuna.” See you next time!

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