Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume Episode 8 Review – “Doubles”

The episode focuses primarily on the third match. How does the Captain and Munemune-senpai fare against the enemy team?

(Spoilers in this review) 

Well, before that happens, Hokuto’s match has to wrap up. Her opponent, the Pendulum, went for the similiar approach as Scorpion Girl and intentionally dragged the set count to game 5. It seems like their opponents are confident in their stamnia!

Is this the start of a crack ship? The Pendulum x Hokuto?

The Pendulum also has an ability that’s similiar to Hokuto’s super-analysis, but it allows the Pendulum to read her opponent’s bodies. Since Hokuto’s shots are so accurate, the Pendulum has an easy time predicting Hokuto’s attacks and reacts accordingly.


Hokuto puts up a good fight, but is defeated in the end. Well, at least she has Hanabi to cheer her up! Meanwhile, the Pendulum ends up staggering as she walks back to her teammates, showing the audience that the enemy school isn’t invincible after all.

The Pendulum looking flustered while trying to keep her dignity.

So here comes the doubles match, which is where the Captain and Munemune-senpai shines! But first, we get to see the enemy team act like a total dork. Her hairstyle kind of reminds me of Dekimori’s, haha.


The freshmen from Suzumegahara get a cute scene and then Agari and the Captain get into a bit of an misunderstanding.


And then the rest of the episode focuses on the doubles set. Attack on Titan shout-out, ship tease between Broke and NomNom (what the heck are these nicknames?), and, of course, another flashback showing why the Captain and Munemune-senpai teamed up.

“I’m in the mood for meatbuns after seeing those huge knockers bounce.”
“I’m nicknamed ‘Broke’ because I’m always feeding your hungry butt.”
So where’s the titans?
The girl who sucked at offense and the girl who can’t defend anything including her own pride…
…joined forces?
The comeback begins!
Hamster NomNom stood no chance!
No longer in the mood for meatbuns.
The look of despair.

So the episode ends here. The next episode will probably just cover Agari’s match; maybe we’ll see Koyori snap out of the funk she’s in (thanks, yandere green-haired girl). The pace on this show is pretty slow, but we’re already skipping most of the rallies and points. It seems rather unlikely we’ll get to see Suzumegahara even try to step into the nationals at this rate…

I’m excited that the singles for the OP and the ED are coming out this week!

See you next week!

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