Stella no Mahou Episode 8 Review – “Don’t Underestimate Debuggers?”

The previous episode ended with Tamaki being confronted by a pink-haired stranger. Apparently she has a bone to pick with the SNS club!

(Spoilers in this review)

This episode really ran with dramatic irony this time. The feisty girl is named Minaha and is apparently a junior-high schooler in the Illustration club. She did visit the SNS club while they were rushing to finish their Stella no Mahou (their game). As a result, she was chased out and now she feels slighted. To feel better about brushed off, she decides to challenge Tamaki, the illustrator for Stella no Mahou, to a draw-off challenge. The way she goes about provoking our cute main character was a bit mean-spirited, however.


The challenge involves drawing character designs from a book she loves reading. Little did she know that this was a sappy love story written by Seki, the girl who chased her out. All the club members, by the way, go by handles. In the end, Tamaki’s passionate drawing of a middle-aged man convinced Minaha that it was Tamaki’s victory. Tamaki still gives her a copy of Stella no Mahou since she remember Shiina telling her that she wants more and more people to play their game. Then Minaha runs off.


Shiina’s handle and Seki’s handle.
Kayo’s handle and Tamaki’s handle (lol).

The rest of the episode has Minaha almost joining the SNS club and convincing them to revamp their home page. She seems to rather like Shiina and Kayo, but she ironically looks down on Seki, the one who wrote both the game and the story she likes so much. Minaha sends some mixed signals to Tamaki, too – first she criticizes her art in the game, but then she tells Tamaki that she should be drawing something for her profile.

The words a programmer has nightmares of.
Shiina’s incredible death cry should be heard.
Good effort, Tama-chan.
Oh, the irony.
The two childhood friends went to a gaming center so Tamaki could be inspired.
The show is fond of montages, I’ve seen.


New stock image of laughing girls.
“And so, I’ll be using this picture of chopped burdock for my profile picture!”
“…Tough crowd, huh?”
lol these profile pictures


Next week’s episode is titled, “Skill Up Pt. 2.” I guess Tamaki is going to get more pointers on drawing. Looks like Minaha will be helping her out? Oh, Minaha is now in the episode preview screen, too! The dramatic irony continues as Seki puts on a disguise and acts like “Iris-sensei” for Minaha, too. See you next week!

Seki, you look way cooler like this.

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