Long Riders! Episode 6 Review – “Fortuna”

The slowest schoolgirl anime I’ve seen in a while.

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, I’m not sure if I can actually outright labeling this a schoolgirl series since they’re all attending university. Let’s just stick to calling Long Riders! a “cute girls enjoying cycling” show and leave it at that.

Ami and friends try to take on Yabitsu Pass again since Ami feels like she’s improved since last time. Ami manages to do so and everyone gives her gifts (energy supplements, wow). The upperclassmen schemers also start talking about upping the difficulty level of their routes. Thankfully for Ami, the topic changes to jerseys once Ami and the gang notices a group of cyclists passing by.

The Chost of Cycling Past.
Hinako waiting for her precious kouhai.
“Oh, boy, how’d you know this was exactly what I wanted?”
Hinako giving her the package Ami tried in episode one. Nice thumb.
That’s a good look for them.

When Ami heads home, she decides to look into ordering customized jerseys. The minimum amount of jerseys is 5, which works out! Then the usual gag of her sister walking in on Ami acting giddy happens. Twice.

She ends up having second thoughts about the jerseys, though. What if her friends feel like she’s imposing on them? Such thoughts keep her up at night as she sketched jersey designs.until she asks them about how they feel. Ami also does a sappy speech and asks if they can join a flèche as a team (you know, the long distance cycling team event). Hinako replies, after much dramatic pause, that doing a flèche together will have to wait until Aoi and Ami are both twenty years old. Y’know, because you gotta be at least twenty years old to do a flèche.

“We got me, arara-san, loli senpai-san, Aoi 1, and Aoi 2.”
Her little sister is pretty nosy, though!
Maybe she’s a siscon.
This used to be me after I pulled an all-nighter. These days I’m more like a zombie.
The sappy speech got them all feeling embarrassed.
There were certain instances in this episode where the characters’ faces look silly, but at least the studio did Hinako’s smirk right.
A few, huh?
A symbol Ami came up with to describe how she feels like she has wings when she bikes and how the wind feels great. I rather like it.

The rest of the episode has the girls picking names for their team. In the end, they go with Saki’s suggestion of Fortuna, the goddess of luck who holds a wheel of fortune. That’s pretty good.

Is that the best Ami can do?
Hinako is rather girly, huh?
Saki the glutton.
It’s not inaccurate.
Hinako telling it like it is.
The duo never eases on the aggression.
Right on the mark!
Aoi’s suggestion.
She only has Ami on her mind!
Sure, Aoi.
Yayoi’s fetish for bike parts comes to light.
Saki pulls through!

So next episode Ami is finalizing the team uniform. Wow, this pace is pretty slow since it felt like the gang basically accomplished nothing this entire episode. Oh, well.

Next week’s episode is titled, “The Team Bond.” See you next week!

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