Monthly Update #2: Status Yearly Recap of Yuri Shows and Visual Novel Reviews

One more month for 2016, yay! That means Christmas is inching closer, the weather is getting colder, and the last season of anime for the year is coming to its final weeks. 

In my previous Monthly Update, I mentioned making a comprehensive “yuri anime that aired in 2016” list. I’m still sticking to the plan, don’t worry, but I wish I had watched more shows during Thanksgiving… Still a work in progress and still trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do, but I’m going to try to pick up the pace so I can insure that I finish sooner rather than later.

The problem is the “yuri visual novels that came out in 2016.” I’m worried that I might end up releasing the list late January 2017. We’ll have to see how it goes. The problem is that my episode reviews take a long time to type up which eats up into both my anime watching time and my visual novel gaming time. There’s also the matter of me falling prey to Shadowverse.

Well, that’s all, folks. Here’s to a happy December! I guess I’ll watch and review Stella no Mahou, try to catch up on everyone’s blogs, respond to notifications, and then go to sleep. I eagerly await the weekend.


14 thoughts on “Monthly Update #2: Status Yearly Recap of Yuri Shows and Visual Novel Reviews

  1. It’s so weird to realize another year is ending…..
    I hope you’re able to get most of what you want done this month. It’s crazy how much you accomplish despite a busy life, Remy! Don’t worry if your Visual Novel list comes out next year. We all know how hard you work.

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    1. It really is. To be honest, I was thinking about it and I realized I wasn’t a fan of how the year 2017 sounds. It’s odddd
      But that’s just me being silly. Every other year is odd, after all.
      Thanks, Leafy. To be honest, my life isn’t very busy right now since I just work for 8 hours (nine including traffic). I just wish I had more time. Not enough hours in the day!

      I want to do so many other things, but I’ll keep those under warps since I don’t want to bring up things I might not be able to do.
      Thanks once again, Leafy. You’re a hard worker yourself, you know? My heart goes out to all med students. Keep being awesome!

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      1. You’re right, I should be more positive about new years ^^
        Hey, that’s good! You can figure out the things you want to accomplish now so that’s really nice to have only the job to worry about. I hope you find a routine that better suits you though.
        OOOOO I’m excited to see what those are!
        Aw thank you! The same to you!!!

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        1. Have you been feeling down about the incoming year? ;__;
          Yeah i have a few thing I want to do, but none of it pertains to work haha. My idea was to do more temp jobs until I find something I actually want to do, but I might end up sticking with this job…
          Haha thanks for the encouragement! Just not enough hours in the day. 24…what a strange number. Should be like 30! I would be down for 6 more hours per day!

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          1. Oh, no. It sounds like it’ll be a tough tough semester / quarter. But I think you’ll be fine. My impression of you is that you’re a hard worker who can handle herself, so these classes shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Hang in there! May spring 2017 pass by in an instant!
            Oh, I’m not really saving up for much right now. I am, however, really considering giving my folks a loan so my mom can visit Taiwan and see her parents. She hasn’t seen them often at all. It’s been like 4 times in 20 years?
            The only reason why I have a little money lying around is because someone rear ended me two months ago on the highway and I received the money upfront. My car was basically fine, but I felt bad for the other person.
            But yeah, other than that, I am just spending and saving for no particular reason. Well, there’s always bills to pay and loans to repay, so haaah.

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          2. Mmm. Fingers crossed!
            Well, it’s the least I could do, haha. I hope she can go, too.
            Yeah, it was quite the surprise. I felt bad for her, yeah, but everyone kept saying it was her fault that she didn’t brake in time. People are pretty harsh when it comes to things like that, it seems.
            Thanks, Leafy! Best of luck to you during your finals! c:

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          3. Yeaah. Well, there are some nice people, but they seem few and far in between compared to the less pleasant folks. Being quiet is way better than being overly loud and rowdy!
            You’re very welcome! Go, Leafy, go!


  2. I kinda wish I started with my yuri VN escapades earlier since there were tons that got released this year \ 😀 / I could have done a cool recap too.

    Have you read Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline?

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    1. I know that feeling. This year was a great year for yuri visual novels~
      I’ve been meaning to. I’ll try to make room for Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline during this weekend!
      Have you read it yet?


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