Long Riders! Episode 7 Review – “The Team Bond”

Surprisingly enough, the entire episode didn’t just revolve around Ami coming up with a design for their team jerseys. They also get to practice bonding as a team!

(Spoilers in this review)

Ami came up with a design that everyone liked within the first minute of the show. Now that’s the kind of pacing I’ve been waiting for.


After the OP plays, Ami tries cleaning Ponta-kun and her road bike. Typical Ami gets herself wet (with the hose) and ends up having to dry herself off. Aoi swings by because she wanted to be with her beloved Ami and convinces Ami to go get a First Inspection over at the bike shop.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.
The gang’s all here. Well, except for Saki.
This is very important advice that applies in many situations, so don’t forget it, Ami!
Yayoi and her fetish for bike stuff.
Yayoi trying to sell a chain cleaner.
Yayoi trying to get Ami to buy a full toolkit.
Yayoi trying to make Ami broke.

Later, Ami receives a package. Could it be? Well, yes, of course it’s the team jerseys. And we get the same ol’ gag of Ami’s sister walking in on Ami acting like a goof. Except this time, Ami’s mother gets to see the shameful behavior. This show is sticking with the same formula through thick and thin for sure.

Their team jerseys arrived!
“She can’t actually be my daughter, right?”

EDIT: Ami’s mother, as pointed out by D, is looking mighty young and fine for a mother of two. It must be the side plait. I think it’s the first time she’s appeared on-screen? She also happens to be pretty good at burning Ami.


To celebrate their new team jerseys, Team Fortuna (minus Saki) go on a cycling trip. Lo and behold, guess whom they encounter in a restaruant?

Hinako is feeling lonely that Saki didn’t contact them!
Saki was too busy conquering Japan with her road bike to pick up the phone.
Food tastes better when you eat as a team!

After they finish eating, Saki joins the group. The rest of the episode mostly consists of Hinako poking fun at Saki over how she once flew over the rails because she didn’t have her hands on the brakes. The story was brought up because Saki noticed Ami was also neglecting to put her hands on the brakes.

Lots of pictures incoming. I really do ship Hinako and Saki. Look at how touchy-feely they are! And now it’s Hinako time to tease Saki since Saki did the same to her last episode.

Smug Hinako ribbing Saki.
Obviously an inside joke is at play here.
Did Saki smell some food?
No, she realized that Ami is being a lazy and unsafe biker.
Saki’s attempt to give Ami sound advice backfired.
Just noticed that the girls have matching gloves, too. Damn, team uniforms are great.
Yes, Hinako got Saki all hot and bothered.
This really reminded me of Hardcore Henry.
Except it’s actually just Saki realizing her folly.
The bubble butt will cushion her fall, I guarantee it.
Truly meaningful advice coming from someone who’s experienced near-death before.
She called herself onee-chan. Saki onee-chan sounds pretty good.
Hinako is savage.
Big sister image crumbling fast.
But at least you shared your wisdom as a result!
I bet Hinako’s cheeks are really soft.

The episode ends with Hinako and the others (aside from Saki, who rode off to do more bicycling. When the heck does she ever study or go to class if she’s always working part-time jobs and bicyling) deciding to enter a team cycling event.

Slow down, Hinako!
Good luck, Ami!

Next week’s episode is titled, “An Expanding World.” It looks like they’re going to experience a car trip to a faroff place so they can practice bicycling? No signs of Saki in the episode preview, but we do get to see a lot of seltbelt interactions with women’s bodies…

See you next week!


4 thoughts on “Long Riders! Episode 7 Review – “The Team Bond”

    1. I realized she is a springy mother who is soft on the eyes only after reading your comment. Before, I was just noting how nice her hairstyle was. Thank you for enlightening me.

      (I threw in a few more pics of her shaming Ami if you’re interested)

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Praise young anime mothers. They make shows so much better.
          Yeah, it’s always a pleasure to see that kind of hairstyle.
          Ami is getting it from her family and her friends. No rest for the poor girl!

          Liked by 1 person

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