Lostorage incited WIXOSS Episode 9 Review – “Truth / Ending and Beginning”

All aboard the pain train! No stops for this ongoing ride!

(Spoilers in this review)

Hanna became interested in the “truth and darkness” about Selector battles after losing throughly to the girl who was Akira’s LRIG.

I don’t think this is the right approach.
Oh, nope, never mind. I was wrong.
Here we go, folks.

Shou tries to stop Chinatsu from working for the Bookmaker because he is sensing bad vibes from the seedy guy in a suit. To be honest, Shou’s probably just jealous of Satomi, but he’s right about him being a sadistic jerk.

And then Chinatsu changed her mind and hands in Shou’s contract to the Bookmaker anyways. I didn’t mention that last week, but I thought it was a good sign that she was trying not to be a bad person. I was w r o n g.

Another day, another dollar for Chinatsu, who tries to scout a new victim. However, Akira’s former LRIG stops her recruitment and they get into a Selector fight.

Akira’s former LRIG is rather heroic, I’d say. First she tells Hanna to stop diving into Selectors and now this? I’m now calling her Honorary Hero Girl.

While they battle, we get some of HHG’s backstory (straight from the horse’s mouth). She wanted to save her friend, who was basically in a coma, so she became a Selector and fought until she won. If you watched the previous series, you would know that means she became an LRIG while her LRIG takes over her body.

This is also the time where the studio decided to dump a condensed recap of the previous two seasons of WIXOSS. Meanwhile, Suzuko and Hanna basically have also arrived at the same storyline behind the original series, but they’re not sure if it’s just rumors or not.

HHG’s LRIG in HHG’s body.
HHG’s LRIG in HHG’s body being a terrible person.
Hence she started her rampage while trying to return to her body.

She also provides an explanation / theory as to why the Selector battles started up again even though Mayu was defeated. They gotta explain why JC Staff jumped back into this, after all. Was it for the money? Do people actually play WIXOSS?


She also tries her best to convince Chinatsu to stop working for Satomi, but Chinatsu is an idiot. So HHG throws the match, which is a pretty big deal since she only needed to win one more. I really wonder why she bothered telling Chinatsu about the truth of WIXOSS battles while keeping Hanna in the dark. Maybe she relates to Chinatsu’s situation more.

Girl on a mission explaining why she let Chinatsu win.
But what’s her mission?

Meanwhile, Shou gets assigned to fight a Selector. I wonder if he felt disappointed that the Bookmaker contacted him since that would mean that Chinatsu turned in the contract.

Shou’s Craigslist encounter episode! Except not really.

When Chinatsu reports about being unsuccessful on snagging another contract, the Bookmaker lets her slide. But then she starts asking questions. It’s clear that HHG got to her.

The Bookmaker kind of answers this, kind of doesn’t.
Shou beating up a schoolgirl for money coins.
Instead of saying, “Good game,” he just bows and walks away. At least he learned from last time.
Their last battle class together before Hanna fights her last Selector battle.
Looks like it’s the girl that Chinatsu purposefully lost to before threatening her to sign.

I think I should just let the pictures and captions speak for themselves in regards to the rest of the episode.

Chinatsu called and said she was busy. Satomi theorizes that she’s realized that he’s bad news.
What a name for a LRIG.
Watch out, Shou!
Chinatsu runs into a former opponent.
Just kidding! She disappeared.
The LRIG talks about how boring living is.
It should be obvious where this is heading.
Chinatsu continues to get more broken.
Hanna earns her last coin and regains her memories about the day her younger brother died.
It turns out it’s her fault. They were playing hide and seek and he fell from 13 floors up.
It also turns out her LRIG is a bitch.
bitch <noun>
malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.
Poor Hanna.
Is every LRIG like this?
Depressing way to end the episode.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Devouring Prey / Tragedy and Comedy.” See you next week.

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