Flip Flappers Episode 10 Review – “Pure Jitter”

Finally, some exposition has arrived. But is it too late or even needed at this point?

(Spoilers in this review)

A heart thief very cute blogger had this to say about Flip Flappers (episode nine in particular) last week:

“Everything is just so straightforward and simplistic from an outside view…For a series that hangs its hat on its creative visual direction, the choice not to play up to those strengths really exposed a narrative that was far too linear in my opinion”


In my opinion, these words of wisdom applies to this episode, and possibly the entire series. This episode is different from previous episodes: we actually get answers to some of the questions and there are no Pure Illusion scenes. And because they didn’t try to bedazzle us with flashiness, we’re left to witness a very predictable story.

Because honestly, everything that happens in this episode has been seen in plenty of other shows. Let’s go through it, shall we?

Salt relents and lets Yayaka stay inside the base.
It turns out the girl in Cocona’s dream is Mimi. Talk about an uncanny resemblance.
Cocona wakes up to see Papika trying to take care of her.
Cocona gets butthurt once she hears Papika say Mimi’s name.
Salt eyeing the four fragment Flip Flap has in their immediate possession.
Papika reveals she has regained her lost memories and remembers her past as Papikana with Salt…and Mimi?
And here’s
an explanation we sort of needed earlier. But it gets expanded upon later.
And of course there were other attempts to add amorphous powers to real children and of course Yayaka was the only one who survived.
The dramatic reveal?
And then what? I guess you can alter what happens in real life if you control Pure Illusion?
The evil organization has attacked Flip Flap. The twins reveal to Cocona that Yayaka was originally sent to monitor Cocona who has a fragment inside of her.
Papika decides talking to salty Salt was no good and runs off with Cocona.
Guess who has a change of heart and stalls the twins?
Cocona throwing a little fit over being deceived and starts jumping to conclusions.
More flashbacks. Turns out Papika was a research experiment, too.
If being able to enter Pure Illusion is a rare ability, then this explains the organization’s efforts to create amorphous children as well as embue amorphous powers into kids.
Young Salt. So why doesn’t Papika ever age?
They interact; Papika realizes that Mimi is basically stuck in a cage. Also interesting how her name follows the naming convention of Yuyu and Toto rather than Papika and Cocona.
A first encounter that happened after Papika got lost searching for Mimi.
Salt pulls some strings and gets permission to let Mimi outside. The things you do for a crush…
Don’t this look familiar? Except afterwards Mimi and Papika enter Pure Illusion. In episode 8, the events happen in the reverse order.
Cocona continues to be a bitch
because she feels like she can’t trust anyone.
So she heads back “home” to meet with her “grandmother” who’s actually with the organization. No one should be suprised.
Cocona gets subdued but then becomes like red-Kryptonite or somethig.
It’s like the Japanese flag against a purple background. So it’s not like the Japanese flag at all.
The fragments fly straight to Cocona, so Papika is on her way to see
the devastated ruins of a former house
 decorated by robot remains
and robot “grandmothers.”
That’s a good look for Cocona. Well, not really.
Double the voices, double the fun.
Again, no one should be surpised that Mimi is Cocona’s mom.

I mean, the story seems too pedestrian now that there’s no sense of mystery. Is this the real reason why Studio 3Hz has been trying to keep things in the dark? Because they knew we’d realize this is a commonplace story?

I’m calling next week’s episode right now: Papika bumps into Cocona. The two fight and the fight either ends with Cocona winning or Cocona losing. If she wins, Papika retreats and regoups with Flip Flap and they discuss about what’s happened to Cocona, allowing us to fill in the rest of the blanks. Meanwhile, if Cocona loses, it’s because Papika is yelling at her face about how she feels about Cocona and who Mimi exactly is.

tl;dr Cocona develops trust problems and becomes a spiteful bitch who’s jealous over Mimi. She then turns her back on Flip Flap only to get captured by her “grandmother,” who works for the organization. However, Mimi, who turns out to be Cocona’s mom, then possesses Cocona and she basically destoys the people who were trying to capture her. Said possession is implied to be not be just an one-time thing.

Truly riveting stuff. Continuing to keep us in the dark or coming up with a better story should have been better options than this.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Pure Store.” The preview was hilarious since Salt was being silly. See you next time!

5 thoughts on “Flip Flappers Episode 10 Review – “Pure Jitter”

  1. I actually have a wilder suspicion of what’s going to happen… but even so, the mere fact that we’re speculating kinda undermines the whole experience. The only way this show can redeem itself is if it creates a satisfying reveal in a manner befitting its fairy tale-like presentation. A very tricky act to pull, indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm I’m glad that you still have hope. Right now I’m more anxious than usual about Flip Flappers, but we just have to hold our breaths and see at this point. Speculating could be considered part of the fun, but I think you’re right.
      It’s a tough act for sure. But we got at least two more episodes. C’mon, Flip Flappers! C’mon, Studio 3Hz!


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