Stella no Mahou Episode 10 Review – “Precision Machinery”

Sorry this one is coming out so late. Things got hectic on Thursday and then I went drinking on Friday to mourn over the fact that one of my co-workers was leaving the company. Well, here it is!

(Spoilers in this review

Tama-chan starts off the day thinking today’s going to be great. Everyone’s wearing their summer uniform, she got to talk to her dad on the phone, and her lunch is packed full of chopped burdock!

And then she bumped into Teru and things went downhill. She gives Tamaki an image change and then decides to bum around in her high school alma mater. What a carefree college student.

Teru gives Tamaki a hug after she confesses that she’s not feeling confident about her art.
Sly Teru slaps her trademark flower onto Tamaki’s head.
She made you a yuri heart-throb, that’s what.
See? No girl can resist.
Every girl wants to be like Tamaki.
E-eh? Did Teru help Tamaki discover some exhibitionism fetish?

After spending the day being lustfully stared at by other students, Tamaki finds Ha-chan and sits down for lunch. Ha-chan is a bit overbearing on her, but she does want Tamaki to try harder and to have more pride in her work.

Apparently she also started drawing when she should have been studying for the tests shown in the previous episode.
This was actually me as a student.
“If she’s drawing, so shall I!”

Teru swings by and claims that she’s a first-year and that she’s a SNS fan. Well, she’s a first-year in college, so that’s kind of true… she and Ha-chan sort of hit it off. Teru then opts to leave the school before she sees how everyone else is doing.

Oh, a promise?

After school, Ha-chan continues to help out Tamaki. All of that is pushed to the side when Seki arrives to the club as Iris-Sensei. Ha-chan continues to be completely fooled.

Heroes are always late (?)
Is this some new type of tsundere? 
Those faces are pretty good.

Tamaki ends up getting jealous over all the attention Ha-chan is giving Seki. Is she jealous about Ha-chan or Seki? It’s pretty ambigious.

“Dang, this girl is aggressive.”
“Ha-chan’s sweater looks pretty cool…”
She asks to borrow Shiina’s PC again in order to practice…
…and ends up finding an interesting picture.
Still jealous hours later.
The smug reaction was uncalled for!
Behind Seki is the devil and before Seki is the deep, blue sea.
Kayo is my favorite character, but she sure gets a lot less screen time compared to the other characters in the SNS club.

Ha-chan eventually leaves. Shiina tries to give Tamaki some advice, but Tamaki snaps at her and makes her cry. Feeling terrible, she runs out of the club room… with Shiina’s laptop in hand.



Apparently this qualifies as almost being an argument. It seems rather minor to me, but I digress. Also, Kayo, you’re not really helping things here!

Somehow she didn’t notice this, so Tamaki ends up dropping the laptop when she moved both her hands to grasp her head as she lamented her outburst. Somehow.

Teru swoops in to check in on her. Tamaki then tries to use her charm to get Teru to accompany her in order to apologize, but Teru disappears and wishes her the best of luck. Sometimes the kouhai has to do things by herself, y’know?

Dojikko Tamaki?
No, my dear readers, she didn’t mean that.
This time, Teru takes back her hair ornament while disappearing.
But she returned Tamaki’s… what would this be called? Tamaki’s hankerchief?

Tamaki ends up following Shiina until she decides she has to hug her and ask for her forgiveness. Shiina ends up taking Tamaki home.

Also, Shiina’s mom is pretty much the best mom.

Seki stops by because she doesn’t have make-up remover and her kid brother was scared of Seki’s face. In time, he will grow to appreciate the hard work women go through in order to put on make-up. Maybe.

How does her eyes change with make-up??
Turns out her laptop wasn’t broken but merely out of power.

Tamaki then turns on her yuri charm again and starts laying it thick on Shiina. Tamaki, you’re out of control! (please keep this up)

Of course, their little moment was interupted prematurely.



It turns out Ha-chan has been learning programming from Shiina recently, which explains the sudden intrusion. Upon seeing that Tamaki is here, Ha-chan claims that they should try their best to work on the game since semester exams are coming up.

…I guess she makes for a good rival and friend for Tamaki.
Seki’s double-life continues.
Seki’s mom is also a programmer…as well as an enabler. Do you know that Red Bull now comes in cranberry, blueberry, and limon flavors?

Shiina now starts chilling in the living room since everyone’s invaded her bedroom. I can sort of relate to that since I spent four semesters sleeping outside in the living room because I hated my roommate that much, haha. We also get some more flashbacks.

Teru had just nominated Shiina to be the new SNS club president!
Sometimes I forget that Teru is two years older than most of the SNS club.
“Don’t worry, fam, you got this.”
Oh, so that’s the promise she was talking about, huh?

The last scene of the episode has Shiina walking in to help out everyone else. Seems like the SNS club has gotten at least a few times more lively now, huh?

Except Kayo remains an outsider. Poor Kayo.


Next week’s episode is titled, “Having a problem, young lady?” I think the episode preview was pretty good (and it made me realize I need to pay more attention since we find out the identity of Ha-chan’s older sister…yet I didn’t put two and two together until I saw episode 11’s preview despite the hints in previous episodes).

See you next week!

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  1. “Sorry this one is coming out so late. Things got hectic on Thursday and then I went drinking on Friday to mourn over the fact that one of my co-workers was leaving the company.”

    It’s okay! Your fans understand 🙂

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