Long Riders! Episode 8 Review – “An Expanding World”

A new episode brings a new acquaintance and a new challenge for Ami! Can she handle riding 100 km?

(Spoilers in this review

Well, we finally get introduced to the mystery girl in the OP. I wonder what her role in Long Riders! is going to be.

Her name is Saeki.
A fated encounter?
Turns out they’re classmates.
I can relate to this moment.
Honestly, I thought she could be harboring a crush on Ami like Aoi seems to be, but that’s just me making a shot in the dark!

Later on, Ami, Aoi, Yayoi, and Hinako talk about the Azumi Autumn Ride, which is 160 km long. Ami is not confident that she can ride for that long, but the others manage to convince her to try out a 100 km practice ride first.

Ami ends up getting psyched about the practice ride at home, which leads to the gag that happens every episode. Emi’s impression of her big sister must be pretty bad by now.


During dinner time, the most beautiful woman in the show Ami’s mom mentions that Ami has been eating a lot. I was worried there was going to be some sort of dieting subplot, but thankfully I was wrong!

Has she been watching Long Riders! too? At least 20% of the show’s content features food in some shape or form.

The fab four then go on a trial run. Pretty biking images incoming!


Then they pull into a place to grab some grub and rest. What did I say about the food scenes?

Also features some lovers friends feeding each other. Caramel ice cream, though? Ami, your sweet tooth is too much for me.


At their next reststop, Hinako gestures for Aoi to stay quiet about their next destination. Turns out it was the final stretch of the 100 km. Ami, you did it!

Also, seeing Hinako without a fang when her mouth is open is jarring. Fang or riot!


Relieved that she pulled off 100 km, Ami heads home to pack for the Azumi Autumn Ride. Her sister and her mother are worried for her and Ami is not sure if she can do this, but she’s willing to try! Dang, that was pretty cool, Ami.

Best support squad?

The rest of the episode features a car ride where boobs are abruptly brought up, the girls registering for the event while talking about food, the girls checking into an inn and visiting its hot spring, and Ami getting reassured about the event by Aoi late at night.

She just passed some other car by changing lanes. Yayoi drives and lives fast!
Say what?!
We really needed this, thanks.
Ehhh you have a license, Hinako?
Oh, dear.
Apparently Hinako caused this scratch. But were you really just unlucky, Hinako?
Best girl stuffing her face
All cyclicsts are gluttons: confirmed
Exhibit A which supports this confirmed theory: Saki
They’re talking about bike events, don’t worry.

Then it’s time for the event. Let’s go, Team Fortuna!



Some decent progress happening in this episode now! However…

…next week’s episode is titled, “The Azumi Autumn Ride Part One.” This seems to imply that the Azumi Autumn Ride takes at least two episodes. If this series is a one-cour, then there’ll only be 2 more episodes left. Will the girls ever get to participate in a fleche??? It’ll be a bummer if the series ends before that happens.

See you next week.

4 thoughts on “Long Riders! Episode 8 Review – “An Expanding World”

  1. Caramel ice cream is great! Actually, I am the kind of person who will normally go for the flavours aimed at the under-10 demographic like bubblegum or fairy floss. That instinct that you’re supposed to have to not eat blue things because it’s not a colour of any foods in nature- (Even blueberries are more purplish) I totally don’t have it.

    The same featured image as me! Clearly we have great taste in Long Riders featured images.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll have to give these sweet flavors another try. Fairy floss?! I don’t think we have those around here. Dang.
      Oh, yeah, I guess nothing natural is blue. You’re totally right about blueberries being purple. Who named them?! It’s good that you lack said instinct, in my opinion. More food for you to monopolize!
      Haha well, I did see yours right before I published my post, but I had already decided that it was the best shot in the episode for a featured image. But I agree; you and I both truly have impeccable tastes in Long Riders featured images!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It really depends on where you go as to what ice-cream you get. It also just occurred to me that fairy floss is also called cotton candy in other parts of the world so it may be named that where you live? It’s the (often but not always pink) spun sugar stuff that I’d associate mainly with carnivals or fêtes. The ice-cream is pink and ridiculously sweet.

        It goes to show that sometimes there is a perfect featured image for a show. I think we had the same one for episode 6 as well, and that was totally a ‘this has to be my featured image’ moment when I was watching the episode.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s true. Ohhh yeah that’s cotton candy around these parts. Man, I haven’t had that in a while. I might have to try that ice cream flavor out of nostalgia, then!
          Mmm I agree. Oh, we totally did! Hinako and Saki just had the perfect faces (and thus made for the perfect featured image). I had the same thought! It’s rather nice when that happens, I agree.

          Liked by 1 person

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