The Five Christmas Trees at My Work Place

The last few days have been a little hectic, haha. So, in the last post where I talked about my life, I mentioned that there’s five Christmas trees at my work place and that I wanted to take pictures. I tried doing that on Monday and took a few, but there were too many people working in their cubicles and I didn’t want to get asked about what I’m doing since that would mean I have to communicate with other people.

So I decided to go in early the next day so I can finish snapping pics without being judged! I also accidentially napped from 5 pm to 9 pm that day. Still, I decided to stay up (nowadays, I will always oversleep my alarms if I’m given the chance) and went into work at 5:30 am Tuesday morning where I died drank an excessive amount of coffee and did my eight hours. I’m not actually fond of coffee (tea is so much better and if you disagree we’re going to have to throw down), but it’s a necessary evil if your sleeping schedule is messed up like my heart.

But, hey, I managed to take pictures. Some are a bit blurry because I really didn’t want to get seen taking them (I’m pretty sure if I’m actually allowed to take pictures at work), but yeah.

And then I went to Victoria’s Secret to buy a Secret Santa gift. Since the upper limit was $20, I bought a giftcard and holy moly that place is pricey. The unlucky recipient can buy like half a bra with my giftcard. Ladies, my heart goes out to you all.

Then I went home, slept from 5 pm to 3 am, and went into work at 5:30 am this morning (Wednesday). I found out I really like doing this. It’s for my health, I swear. Traffic gets my blood pressure really high, so I’m just trying to follow my doctor’s orders and staying calm!

Anyways, that’s enough rambling from me. I’ll be trying to catch up on blog posts and notifications tonight!

Why am I doing arts and crafts at work? Well…
It was for this! My superiors ordered me! I just censored my face with the bottle cap in the picture above, haha. I ended up taping my actual face onto the elf when I placed it on, don’t worry.
Here’s a view from the side. My hands were way too unsteady while I was cutting out the body so my elf is outlined in white…
And around the corner is jolly ol’ Nick!
This may or may not be my stocking.
Another department’s pathway of sorts!
Someone was working there, so here’s the picture of the tree from far away! Charlie Brown’s face would glow in intervals.
Unfortunately, they took the Charlie Brown face picture off the following day. Aw…
Yet another department’s decorations!
Sorry that this one is so blurry. It’s like in the most open spot so I felt the pressure and rushed!
They actually added cookies and cups on this table later! This is on the other side of the floor where the cubicles are not organized by rows.
This is also on the other side of the floor. The snowman!
This is our department’s Christmas tree. Is someone religious?
It’s the fireplace my bosses made! I may or may not have taken this shot from my desk.

38 thoughts on “The Five Christmas Trees at My Work Place

    1. We need the cheer to stay motivated! I mean, a lot of the Secret Santa gifts we had on Friday involved alcohol and we joked that such liquid encouragement was a must for our jobs, haha…
      Does your office have a Christmas tree, too?
      It’s a struggle but I guess I hate routines. Maybe I’m still a college kid at heart.
      (Thanks c: )


  1. Da-mn, that’s a lot of holiday spirit. And here I am, not having even seen a Christmas tree anywhere yet. Very pretty decorations, especially that nice lil fireplace. Festivity must be in the air. And that was a cute elf, I salute your crafts skills. (I have none).

    That said, coffee over tea any day, buddy. *prepares to fight*

    The blood pressure comment is a little concerning. Stay safe!

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    1. Haha yeaaah
      What?! Haven’t seen a single Christmas tree over yet? Wow!
      They kind of go all out when it comes to decorations. I liked the fireplace a lot, too.
      Oh, nah, I was just handed the elf figure. All I did was cut it out. Crafts doesn’t really describe what I did!
      You better out your dukes up, buddy. That way, your sides are vulnerable and open to me tickling you until you admit tea is better! Infallible plan!
      Ah, I didn’t mean for the throwaway comment to sound so ominous. My body is relatively healthy so I’m good. Thanks, though.

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      1. Christmas isn’t a big deal around where I live. Usually, I see some decorations at least but this year, there’s none. Then again, I haven’t left the house since December started sooo…

        That might actually work. I’m weak to tickling. I do like tea actually, but been drinking coffee since I was ten or something and am a big fan.

        Phew that’s good.

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        1. Ohh fair enough. Hmmm saying inside might make it hard for you to see decorations yeah. A potential downside to the indoors lifestyle! ;_;
          What a powerful battle strategy. Ah, I see. That’s loyalty that shouldn’t be underestimated.
          Having problems with blood pressure does run in the family, however. I should be careful, I guess. Blah, this is too serious.

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  2. I’m a cawfee person myself (Body can’t seem to function well if I don’t intake at least once in a day. Damn you, body!) but I’ll forgive you if you prefer gween tea over it.


    Your office looks awesome! If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your job? Judging by the interior, it looks like a design/advertising/marketing company since I’m reminded by my previous work.

    Senpai, no censoring of face next time!

    (Our company party is gonna happen tomorrow so I should endeavor to blog about it to share the Christmas cheer)

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    1. Cawfee is a druuugg.
      I do love me some gween tea. Gween tea snacks and gween tea ice cream are great..
      But so is coffee ice cream. Hmmm
      It’s pretty festive! Uhh it’s a business involved with health care. These people just like to go all out with decorating which makes the dill work place become much less dreary. Your previous work, huh? That sounds fun yet stressful and exhausting.
      Maengune, I must censor the face every time!
      (Oh, if you could, then that’ll be awesome. I hope you have fun~)

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      1. Niiice! 👌

        Oh, a matcha baby! Such an acquired taste.

        Cawfee jellies are awesome! You should try it if there’s a place there that sells it. It goes so well with vanilla ice cream.

        Hah, even here in the Philippines, people tend to go overboard with decorations that’s why Christmas parties are amazing and fun.

        B-B-But. No, senpai, thou must not censor! D: (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

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        1. 👌 👌
          Haha nooo just too much of a FOB at times.
          Whoaaaa that sounds good. That’s now on my bucket list.
          The festivities are in full swing over there, then! Hooray for Christmas parties. Take picsssss
          It only makes sense to censor meee
          (Maybe one day)

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          1. Yes, the Christmas feels are everywhere. It’s actually making me really lazy to go to work. OTL

            I wasn’t able to take any decent pictures of our Christmas party because we held it in a really dark place lmfao Is2g these guys like the darkness so much.

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          2. Oh, I know how that feels. I just want to curl into bed and celebrate the holidays by drinking hot chocolate out of a Christmas mug or something. Work can wait (it actually can’t and that makes me sad)
            Hahaha oh, man. Can’t be helped, then. I think most guys have an instinctive desire to be Batman (but maybe I should be speaking for myself. But I’m guilty as charged).

            Now I’m the one who is going to want to sleep in since Monday morning is fast approaching. Oh, how the tides have turneddd


  3. “Traffic gets my blood pressure really high, so I’m just trying to follow my doctor’s orders and staying calm!”

    I’m not going to worry about Remy’s blood pressure
    I’m not going to worry about Remy’s blood pressure
    I’m not going to worry about Remy’s blood pressure
    I’m not going to worry about Remy’s blood pressure

    Alright, i’m worrying. Stay safe!

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  4. So covert! c: Thank you for the nice pictures.

    Someone I knew did an early work schedule before, and he really liked it. I think you’re on the right track to beaucoup relaxation. Though the initial adjustment will probably be ugh.

    I like tea much more, too. (But I will disagree so as to initiate a throw down. +_+ Grrr)

    I like the bottle cap elf! It took me a long time to figure out you were referring to the closeup rather than the board picture. I was like, man, he has some mad photoshop skills. Then it was like, oh. Still mad skillz!

    Your workplace looks v festive c: shame they took the Charlie Brown down.

    Thanks for sharing things from your work!

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    1. Yesss I became a ninja. Silent yet… not really deadly. Um?
      I’ll keep trying it out. Hopefully it clicks! The initial adjustment period, huh? I-I’ll try my best!
      Yay, a tea comrade! (Oh, you wanna go? I’m warning you, my grapple game consists of me just giving my opponent bear hugs! I can see you shaking from across the computer screen! +__+)
      Haha thanks. Nahh I was a bit unclear, oops. Everyone else is the one with mad skillz! These older men and women know their way around scissors!
      It’s very festive! They did the same thing for Halloween, too. Too bad I didn’t think to take pics 🎃 🎃
      Yeah, seeing good ol’ Chuck when I rounded the corner brightened my day. Oh, well ;_;
      I’m glad it was at least a little interesting. Thanks for dropping by!

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      1. Oh my! X) tis troo. But your blogging stats just got a boost!

        Y-you can do it!

        Wooo! Coffee makes me super hyper. (T___T the terrors!! +_______________+ hehethatllputemoffguard)

        Oooo! I admire people who can use those. My crafts skills are pretty nonexistent xD go workplace people!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ll take it even though I’m the furthest away from the very definition of a ninja! Free boosts, yay!


          Coffee is strooong (you cannot resist the hugsss. But if you do, I have the ticklesss +______+ )

          I know, right? I felt like I had rock hands compared to them. Go them!

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          1. Oh, sorry I’ve been slow at responding on some of these. I got a little busy.

            Hoozaw. We’ll take all the stuff we can get! *buff spell*

            This is troo. My one coworker made me this super strong coffee too once and I stayed up the night!! (Oh noez. Tickles may be even a greater weakness. But we’ll see about that! +___+)

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          2. No worries, Alane! Real life is more important. I hope everything is alright on your end. Has work been better? Any progress?
            I would be down to be buffed! Yay!
            What a nice co-worker!! (Ohhh you better prepare yourself, then! You’ll probably win, anyways +___+ )
            Aaaaa Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku ends today but I’m stuck celebrating this nationalistic thing for China. I hope you have fun watching and reviewing it!

            Liked by 1 person

          3. No, no progress. ;_; le sigh

            woo. here we go. *grabs staff out of thin air* *bubblebobbleblah*

            I know right! (+_+ hmmm, i doubt that!)

            have fun celebrating c: i did! I thought *spoiler spoiler spoiler* ! *more spoiler* Teehee.

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