Stella no Mahou Episode 11 Review – “Having a Problem, Young Lady?”

Another episode centered around the freshman artist combo, Tamaki and Minaha!

(Spoilers in this review

The previous episode ended with Minaha, Seki, and Tamaki staying over at Shiina’s house… or that was the plan. It turns out that Minaha’s family is both rich and strict and that staying past curfew is not tolerated. As a result, her older sister, Tamaki’s classmate with the squinty eyes, picks her up after yelling at her.


In hindsight, I guess it was obvious when the classmate mentioned that her younger sister drew a lot back when Tamaki was having trouble drawing. Gahh, I wish I put two and two together.

The SNS club come to the conclusion that they just can’t let her strict family tie her down, so Seki and Tamaki head over to the Iino residence to ask the family’s grandmother to let her particpate in school clubs.

They loaded like a delicious baked potato.

Tamaki’s classmate greets them and asks questions about what it means to draw. Minaha tries to answer, but then Seki steps in and was pretty cool. Minaha even ends up swooning over her despite not knowing that Seki and her beloved Iris-sensei is the same person.



To see if Seki’s word are sincere, Tamkai’s classmate asks for her to read out something she wrote in elementary school. No punches pulled!



This ends up making Minaha fall for Seki once again. The dramatic irony is strong.


The older sister is convinced and promises to ask their grandmother to let Minaha have some more freedom. However, there’s one condition!

It’s pretty reasonable.
…but these two only have art in their heads!

So that covers the first half of the episode. The second half shows how Tamaki and Minaha are trying to study but they continue to get sidetracked. Tamaki then has a bit of a crisis and heads out to take a walk.

The words of Minaha’s older sister cut deep.
She bumps into Teru, who tries to comfort the poor girl.
Well, you found your reason to draw, Tamaki.

Turns out that Minaha rode a train to check up on Tamaki. The ride is like 2 hours, though. She’s a nice girl!

And they’re getting along!
At this rate, she won’t make curfew again.
The face of despair.

She and Teru end up staying over at Tamaki’s place. Did Minaha ever end up messaging her older sister to ask her to make up an excuse?

Speaking of which, Tamaki and Minaha didn’t really study but they just worked on drawing. Girls, what about your priorities?!


Next week’s episode is titled, “Back to the Start Line.” From the looks of it, Tamaki is still struggling with the reasons behind why she draws. I guess she tries to return to her roots?

See you next week!


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