Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 11 Review – “The Two / Suzuko and Chinatsu”

You know this episode is going to be a turning point due to the title. Which girl will win?

(Spoilers in this episode

Despite realizing that Shou disappeared and seeming surprised at these turns of events, Chinatsu buys into the Bookmaker’s words about how she can’t turn back now.

After the OP, Suzuko visits Hanna and they finally get to talk. She gives her teacher a pep-talk and leaves her with a brighter vision for the future (and a propensity for heartwarming, cheesy grins).

I’m going to call this foreshadowing even though it’s not. You’ll see why later.
Suzuko, the gaming therapist, has cured Hanna’s heart!
Best onee-san?
Hanna agrees.

Suzuko (and Riru) bumps into Donnor / Shou, who begs them to honor Shou’s last request (which was “make Chinatsu a good girl again,” basically). Meanwhile, Chinatsu is told by the Bookmaker that it’s time for her to fight Suzuko. As a result, she gives Suzuko a call and tells her to meet her tomorrow at the park.

The difference in atmosphere is striking. A blue background. Plain casual clothes. Two loving parents who are struggling financially.
Meanwhile, a vibrant background. Fancy casual clothes (compared to Chinatsu). A single, distant parent who finally appears after 11 episodes.

So they exchange the manatory motive rants before they enter battle. I swear to God, no one goes to this park other than Selectors. Is it that unpopular?


Both girls are currently at three coins. Oh, and the conversation doesn’t stop there even if after they’ve started fighting. Chinatsu says some amusingly hypocritical statements, as well.


Of course, Suzuko claims she can’t leave her alone and Chinatsu starts having flashbacks to Shou. So she does feel guilty, after all?

But she pushes her feelings aside and uses her Berserk skill. Unfortunately, Suzuko couldn’t find a way to counter Chinatsu’s coin skill this time and ends up playing right into her hand.

AND THEN some SAO-first-arc garbage happens and Riru stands up despite having no HP left.


Meru then dares to open her mouth about the light again (see episode 8), which causes Chinatsu to admit that she hated herself for being clingy for and dependent on Suzuko.


What did I say about foreshadowing? Aw yeaaah.

It’s probably just fanservice, to be honest.

So Chinatsu, after having this realization, undoes her Berserk skill and lets Suzuko order Riru to stab Meru and win. Meanwhile, Riru just spreads her arms and basically hugs Meru as Meru penetrates her (with a sword)?


Then the truth comes out. Chinatsu admits she’s been acting like a bitch because she just wanted Suzuko all for herself. Was that so hard to say, Chinatsu?


Of course Suzuko forgives her and the two friends hug. All’s well that ends well, right?vlcsnap-2016-12-18-09h57m35s807

Nah, the Bookmaker swings by and he’s a bit upset that things are now peachy between Suzuko and Chinatsu since he wanted to see the two of them fall into despair.

The episode ends with him challenging Suzuko. Uh, what happened to LRIGs being exhausted after Selector battles? ESPECIALLY since Riru had no HP left and Suzuko should have lost? Be a good sport and fight her some other time, Bookmaker.


Next week’s episode is titled, “Dawn.” See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 11 Review – “The Two / Suzuko and Chinatsu”

  1. It’s a good thing they never try to explain the game fully given how often they seem to be inconsistent in the application of the rules. But yeah, Suzuko should have lost and why on Earth would she be dumb enough to accept the Bookmaker’s challenge other than plot necessity?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, and perhaps they knew they’ll be taking liberties with the rules and consistency. I’m pretty sure other card game anime adaptations are the same.
      If I recall correctly, Bleach, even though it isn’t a card game franchise by any means, frequently had characters stand up and continue to fight despite basically being unable to. Apparently Tite Kubo is a big fan of fighting spirit triumphing against all odds so that’s why this happened so often. This is probably that the studio had in mind, but I can’t say I like it.
      She has no reason to, yeah. Hopefully she turns him down.
      At least Chinatsu came to her senses?

      Liked by 1 person

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