Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 12 Review – “File Not Found”

Here we go, folks! The final episode for Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku! What will happen during Ripple’s fight with Swim Swim?

(Spoilers in this episode)

Warning: this episode review continues the trend of having an excessive amount of pictures. I tried my best to cut out what I could after revising a few drafts. But basically I focus on a few scenes at most.

Anyways, the episode opens with Snow White basically thinking of Ripple, Hardgore Alice, and La Pucelle and coming to the conclusion that she should stop being a magical girl.


Meanwhile, Ripple and Swim Swim meet up at the dam to fight. Ripple’s wearing Top Speed’s black cloak, yay!


As they throw down, Fav exposes his hand to Snow White as he talks about the purpose of the Magical Girl Raising Project, how he and Cranberry staged the exams in order to kill potential candidates in order to not be bored, and how he egged on Ripple to fight Swim Swim since he hopes that they kill each other as Swim Swim is a terrible Master who treats him and her duties with no respect and how Ripple has “personality issues” and wouldn’t be a good Master.

He then shamelessly claims he wants Snow White to be his Master. Like she’ll really want to be the Master of a sick bastard like Fav.

I basically only included this picture because we finally see Swim Swim swimming (I bet Prattle became very excited over this)!


And then I included this picture since I noticed the animation team sort of messed up here. Where are your gloves, Ripple?!


Fav continues to fill the details in for Snow White, who honestly didn’t suspect the scheming that was happening in the background. She sort of freaks out to find out that the magical girl candidates didn’t have to die, but they did because of Fav and Cranberry.

I guess Fav did have a point in seeming baffled that Snow White was clueless, but then again, all the magical girls who could have pieced together what was happening died already.

INCOMING: montage of dead magical girls and angry Snow White.


Snow White breaks the magical device in frustration and heads out to find Ripple and Swim Swim.


The fight continues. Ripple has retreated to a pole while Swim Swim swims underground (Prattle, it’s happened yet again!) and attacks her from behind. Ripple responds by dodging and throwing shurikens at Swim Swim’s eyes.

Of course Swim Swim dodges and forces them out of her body like… water? But then they reform and, by chance, lightning strikes the shurikens and Swim Swim. Ripple then realizes what Fav meant by sayng that Swim Swim’s weakpoints are light and sound.




Unfortunately, Ripple doesn’t think to perch atop of a telephone pole again (probably because the threat of lighning striking her scared her too much?) which leads to Swim Swim grabbing her by the ankle and slashing her eye.


Then she cuts off Ripple’s left arm, claiming that she’ll have to cut Ripple down if she’s unwilling to become her subject. A bit of censoring is attempted here with the censor steam. I’m not sure why they even bothered, but yeah.


Swim Swim tries to finish the job, but Ripple dodges yet again, grabs her dismembered arm, and swings it such that the blood flies into Swim Swim’s eyes in order to blind her. Well, her arm was drawn a biiiit too long but that’s what was supposed to be shown.

Then Ripple chucks a flashbang/grenade and knocks Swim Swim unconscious.


We also get a bit of a flashback back to Ripple’s dream where she met with Nemurin, but I ain’t about to give this girl anymore screen time on my blog!

Ripple staggers over to the unconcscious Swim Swim and finishes the job by weakly stabbing her body repeatedly. After she sits and cries while talking to both Top Speed and Snow White as if they were there, Ripple gets up and collapses.vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h08m43s220vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h08m52s376vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h08m56s931vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h09m06s336vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h09m14s361vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h09m26s889vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h09m34s640vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h10m27s294vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h10m34s726vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h10m41s557vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h10m48s286vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h11m01s562vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h11m09s056

And then the eyecatches.


Snow White arrives too late once again. As expected, she’s surprised to find that Swim Swim was just a young girl and it seems that Ripple died, too. Again, the animation team dropped the ball by including her arm even though it was chopped off.


Fav then pops up and congratulates her and telling her that she’s his new Master. Snow White, however, isn’t having any of it and tries to destory the Master terminal since she hears him thinking that he’ll be in trouble if she destroys the device.


However, it’s tougher than expected and Fav continues to taunt her and the dead magical girls as she tries in vain. But then, Snow White’s Lucky Rabbit’s Foot triggers and … allows Ripple to wake up? I guess she only passed out? Maybe she was outright revived. I’m pretty sure the novel explained this better. At any rate, we then get to see Fav beg for his life since Ripple is now armed with a weapon that can destroy the Master terminal.vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h20m42s560vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h20m47s900vlcsnap-2016-12-17-16h20m53s425


The last few minutes of the episode takes place over six months later. Snow White has run away from home and basically became a hero of justice who travels around the world in order to stop criminal organizations and such. Meanwhile, Ripple stays in her district and helps others with small acts of kindness, much like the old Snow White did.


The World of Magic has ordered Ripple to persuade Snow White to remain in her district and stop overdoing things around the world. However, SW argues that won’t change anything, that she won’t stop what she’s doing, and that she’ll like to continue her  combat training with Ripple. It seems like Ripple has been Snow White’s training instructor and is still stronger than her despite missing an arm and an eye. What a badass.


As they spar, Snow White thinks back to how she always wanted to be a magical girl and how she continued to dream even as her peers made fun of her for liking these heroes of justice. However, she has abandoned her original ideals as a magical girl and is killing the truly vile criminals if she feels like that’s the answer. She’s changed.


“Still, I never stopped dreaming. Even now, I still secretly dream of that.”

This series has been a great ride and I really enjoyed writing about it. A series review will be coming soon!




16 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 12 Review – “File Not Found”

  1. I don’t know; I like the play by play pictures 🙂

    I missed the lack of gloves, but I was wondering about why she still had an arm when she transformed back to normal. I was totally saying that per’aps they magically rejuvenate–but then she went to magical girl form and still had her eye cut and arm missing.

    Hm, good point about the Rabbit’s Foot. I had assumed that she’d died, but she didn’t necessarily have to.

    You’d think that Master terminal would be sturdier since they also do the exams in the World of Magic. That weapon must be super powerful even for that.

    Does this mean that magical girls don’t need to eat or sleep? Is that how Cranberry survived all alone in the woods?

    Yea! c: It’s been a great ride. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing one, but I’m looking forward to your series review.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh? I just felt bad for people who might have wanted to just get a quick run-down. Or for people who couldn’t load all the pictures. Will have to think about the style for next season.
      Mmm. I guess they just goofed. That’s too bad.
      Yeaaah. I was going to bring up that Winterprison died after losing an arm to Swim Swim, but then I remember she was also in a twin threesom– I mean, she was stabbed in the guts by Minael using Yunael as a knife.
      Yeah, I guess the weapon was just that strong. Tama did have to pay some of her lifespan to obtain said weapon said on Swim Swim’s orders.
      …oh I guess the invisibility cloak is lost forever huh? It would have been too strong in future arcs, I guess.
      I guess so! Dang, being a magical girl has some perks, huh?
      Yessss. It was fun. Oh, cool! I’ll try not to disappoint!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Teehee. This is true: it does take a while for all of them to load but on the other hand you manage to show nice summaries. I hope you can find your balance c: (still trying to find mine — but that’s me getting lazier and lazier taking SS.) . idk if there’s a gallery feature; maybe you can look into something like that. And it looks like these are straight pngs from VLC. You could resave them as JPG (using a batch image converter), which should cut down the file sizes drastically, like more than 10x in a lot of cases. Sorry for all the blah, just some things you could maybe look into.

        hahaha omg the twins xD c; ya that’s true. the weapon was pretty powerful. good points.

        that’s too bad. the cloak was enough for the feint, I suppose. Used to conceal a stuffed bunny D: — but brought down probably the most impossible to kill magical girl

        ya you better +_+ super scrutiny here. +_+ i’m watching yoo. review of remy’s review. 😛

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        1. Haha, thanks. I’ll figure something out.
          We call that being efficiently lazyyy~
          I think I’ll look into that, yeah. And you’re right. I’ll try jpgs then. No, no, I appreciate the blah! Even though it’s not really blah. More like yah! It made more sense in my head.
          I couldn’t resist making the joke haha. Mm thanks. Nothing else would have worked I guess.
          It did its job. May some girl find HG Alice’s 🐇 and thus find inner peace. The cloak can go sink underwater.
          T-the pressure, oh, noooo. It’ll make me crack like an egg. It’s sunny side-up Remy!
          …I don’t even like eggs that much but you turned me into one. Alane’s powers are not to be underestimated! +___+

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          1. Oh okay teehee c: you just made me look into doing vlc straight to jpgs too to be even more uh efficient, and it looks like it’s possible but also much higher resolution than the normal jpg 😮 (so many settings!)

            uh oh. +__+ ya that’s right. i never considered you much of an egghead, but now i’m rethinking (I never actually knew what that meant, but hah!)

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          2. Oh, dear, I’m not sure if I can handle this many settings! Well, we will both figure out how to configure this properly in due time!
            +___+ have mercy, I need to catch up on all these blog posts before I even think of writing a series review. E-egghead?! Looks like someone needs to tickled! (I’m not sure what it means, either, but I suspect that the correct response is feigning outrage, haha)

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          3. teehee. me toooo. and nope, +_+ i have practiced in the art of tickle-avoiding since our last chat! (apparently it means nerdy or geeky. BUT IT SOUNDS AS IF IT SHOULD BE SOMETHING THAT ELICITS FEIGNED OUTRAGE!)

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          4. You and I can slowly learn the ways of VLC.
            C-crap, you’ll probably outmaneuver me and my pizza legs, then +____+

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    2. Yup, Magical girl actually don’t need to eat or sleep. I am surprised that you thought of it. There is a lot of bonus for being a magical girl in this series.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh, that was thanks to both of your help and a lucky guess. You’d mentioned that SW would transform back if she slept, and I just thought if they were helping out people the amount they have been, they didn’t really need food or sleep. It was also something remy and I were speculating about previously.

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  2. Good work always, and good work to Lerche for killing my mood in many ways ;_;

    I don’t understand why they make SW go back home. She doesn’t need to understand the whole thing or even need Fav to explain her. She already know enough, Fav is bad news after Ripple and Swin Swin, not that she ever like him. She wouldn’t waste her time and listened to Fav, she just destroyed her phone and follow Ripple. Of course she won’t make it in time because she don’t even know where they are fighting, she probably had to depend on her power and search.

    Novel don’t really explain that much about Rabbit foot, but I have a suspicion about it’s origin like being a distilled magic of Premium Sachiko. Anyways not sure about Ripple, I believe she just fainted and all Rabbit foot did was wake her up. In the LN Ripple just stood there pissed while supporting herself on the halberd. After hearing Fav thoughts on the weapon SW throw him at Ripple’s feet, SW don’t even need to mention anything after that, Ripple already understood what she wanted.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you and yeah, Lerche goofed up, huh?
      The studio changed too many things from the novel. I guess they wanted to pad out the episode since it would have been too costly to have a lengthy fighting scene span most of the episode. Gotta have that needless exposition as background noise and to give the animators a break!
      What happened in the novel sounds a lot better. C’mon, Lerche.
      Ah, I see. I would like to think that’s the case, too.
      Oh, another original anime scene? I think it would have been better if they stuck to the original here, too. Them killing Fav like that without speaking a word really makes them look like a good team. What a shame.
      Thanks for dropping by as usual and thanks for providing your insight! Again, it really made this show more fun to watch despite the mistakes in execution the studio made.


      1. Oh yeah I haven’t think of that, padding out, now it all make sense. I guess the first arc even with adding things from sides stories is short and don’t have much content. I mean the first book is just a short high speed death game, it mostly relied on deaths, a few twists and turns. I don’t even found the characters to be interesting around the first time to be honest. It was basically just a prologue to a bigger story in the end. Despite my complaints I like the anime. I am just happy that this obscure series get an anime adaptation, anime is also decent and a more complete version of the first arc saved a few problems.

        At least I like Ripple using her own blood, it was so Ripple that scene I mean. A shame that Swin Swin was killed by her hands. Ripple regret it. Imagine how she feel, the monster she hated is a 7 year old child. She have to live with the knowledge that she kill a child that small.

        Anyway if you are going for the Light novels, you can read the first arc mostly for Snow white and Ripple inner thoughts. That’s about it, it won’t offer you anything more after the anime since I pretty much complain about all the different things anime did to SW haha. So if you want to skipped the first arc it’s ok, you can go for SWRP, Snow White Raising Project, arc 1.5. It’s a 48 page short story about what happened to Snow White and Ripple after the anime. It also offers a glimpse to the series direction.

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        1. Mmm. It’s a fundamental difference between novels and anime, I suppose.
          That does summarize this season pretty well, yeah.
          Mmm it had its problems but I am glad it got an adaptation and that I watched the show. For some cases, it seems to have been an improvement to the original.
          I liked that scene, too. It was really good! And yeah, I had thought she would regret killing Swim Swim. She and Snow White looked horrified when they saw her true identity. But by that point Swim Swim was no normal child. Hmm..

          I’m considering skipping the first arc, but I do want to see Ripple’s thoughts. I’m more of a fan of her than Snow White (currently, that is; I’m sure there’s a chance this may change in future arcs!)
          I might just skim through the first arc and them jump to SWRP, then. Thanks for advice in regards to the original novel material! I’m really glad you were here to talk with Alane and me!


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