Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume Episode 12 Review – “Together, We Can Go As Far As We Want”

The last episode of cute girls playing ping pong, folks.

(Spoilers in this episode

The training camp continues. Koyori convinces Agari that she should continue practicing her forehand smash even though the national tournament is coming up and she thinks she should try something else.

This is supposed to help Agari develop more lethal smashes.

Meanwhile, the Captain tries her best to tutor the freshmen because she also received assistance from her senpai when she was a newbie. Munemune-senpai and the Captain have a heart-to-heart in the hot springs afterwards.


Then there’s a training montage where they show the girls working hard while the B-side of the Suzumegahara Chuugaku Takkyubu – Shakunetsu Switch single. The song is called, “V字上昇Victory.” And then the camp is over.

Even though it’s the last night before they pack up and go home, everyone ends up meeting up and having a late-night tournament. Finally, Agari manages to master her new smash which we know nothing about besides the fact that it has something to do with her loop drive. Details were really cut in order to streamline this episode, huh? Koyori, of course, is ecstatic that she mastered her own kind of forehand smash.

Agari fangirl spotted.
Her counterpart is a fan of Koyori!
The cutest emcees you will ever see.


Right before they get on the bus, Agari acts like a tsundere before going full-on dere with Koyori. The two promises each other to rub each other’s sweet spots to keep coaching each other, making each other’s heart race, and to reach the top.


Then the credits roll. The Suzumegahara girls are all basically sleeping on the bus. We also get to see their rivals, too, haha. Kururi looks so much more cheerful now.


Then we get to see the turncoat’s new clubmates. I’m really getting some Saki vibes here. You know, in regards to how the original season ended? Then we see the Suzumegahara girls practicing. They reused some of the OP animation, oh my God.


This last part kind of made me upset. We get to see Koyori face off the girl who curbstomped the club captain of the reigning champion school. This girl is probably the best in high school ping pong, then. So does Koyori fighting her mean we get a second season? Or does it just end like this?

It’s amusing how this very last scene is so well-animated compared to most of the scenes seen throughout the series.


The winner of match is left ambigious.

I’ll be typing up a series review as soon as I can, so look forward to it!

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