Top Three Tomboys with Acacia Aurora!

I haven’t written a “top ___ list” post before. To be honest, I feel like I’m still learning a lot and I’m worried I’ll leave out a character or a show that really should be given recognition. But since Acacia Aurora graciously reached out to me about a collaboration, I came up with some topics the two of us can cover! We’re going to whip up five various top three lists as a challenge of sorts, so look forward to it!

Check out Acacia Aurora’s list here!

I’m going to start off this challenge by talking about tomboys. Ever since D pointed out that it’s a common trend for tomboys to feel like they’re not “girly enough” so they try to change how they act, this topic has been on my mind. I think it’s a shame that society has conditioned them to think like that or how such a message is actually seen in media, but I’ll talk more about that in some other post! For now, I’m going to be talking about my favorite tomboys. They all wear their hair as ponytails at least once are proud of who they are and won’t let limiting ideals about gender or gender roles get them down!

3. Fujibayashi Kyou – Clannad


Fujibayashi Kyou is a woman of many traits. She’s violent, occassionally thoughtless, and a bit of a rule-breaker (despite being a class representative) as seen in how she rides a motor bike to school even though such a convenient mode of transportation is against school policy.

However, Kyou is also energetic, great at sports, supportive/overprotective of her younger sister, and an amazing cook. She’s not ashamed of any of her strengths, but she is a bit embarassed by the amount of attention she receives from other girls (Kyou’s fangirls have good taste). If only Kyou was a bit more honest in regards to her approach to love…

2. Chiba Erika – Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Erika is a complex gal (in my opinion). While her swordsmanship is excellent, she was not allowed to use the Chiba surname until she entered high school (being born out of wedlock probably was a reason why she was forbidden to do so?); while she resents her father, she adores her older half-brother (and comes across as a bit of a bro-con); and while she does enjoy stirring the pot and teasing others, she’s sharp enough to observe minute details, come to conlusions much faster than others, and will comfort others should they need a kind word and a shoulder to lean on.

Damn, this old gif of mine is terrible. But it does show Erika’s teasing nature pretty well.
Not even close∼
maid erika.jpg
Seeing her dress like this maid my day. Don’t hurt me.
Actually, you can hurt me. Just keep glaring at me like this.

She’s also kind of made her own reverse-harem. You go, girl! Too bad she has been waiting for the wrong man to make the first move…

1. Takakamo Shizuno – Saki Achiga-hen

Was there ever any doubt she’ll appear? Probably not. I think people who’s been following my posts for a while probably already know that I adore Takakamo Shizuno. She’s the positive ball of energy the Saki franchise needs to offset the alarming amount of high school girls with tragic childhoods / pasts.

Shizu is also really good at running around. Her sprinting ability can take her to the Nationals!

She is a bit rude, however, with how she’s prone to pointing at others or invading Ako’s private bathing time. Also, she’s prone to craving ramen late at night, haha.

Ako’s got a point (heh).
…even though Shizu probably got it from Ako.
Calm down, Shizu!

And yet Shizu never fails to refer to everyone with honorifics (aside from Ako and Nodoka) despite her physical actions being a bit rough around the edges. She’s also considerate of her word– actually, that’s not remotely true at all since she usually talks or moves before thinking (see: episode one where she unintentionally snapped at both Nodoka and Ako). No wishy-washy characters allowed here!

Ako telling Shizuno that they’ll be opponents.
“M-my childhood friend won’t support me?!”
Cue outburst.
Cue regret (they patch up later, though, don’t worry).

I’m just inspired with how she never gives up, basically. In a world where high school girls have supernatural abilities, Shizu hangs in there with her normal mahjong until she manages to awaken her own power which levels the playing field. I do take issue with how her latent ability abruptly developed when it would have been easy for the author and artist to stick in some foreshadowing, but I digress.

Well, those are the tomboys who occupy my heart and mind. Do you all have any tomboys you particuarly like? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

36 thoughts on “Top Three Tomboys with Acacia Aurora!

  1. Aw, gotta love tomboys! Aside from Kyou I don’t really know the other two that well but based on your analysis of them I think they deserve a spot on the list, for sure.
    I guess I do need to check these anime out! Great post ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s just something about them, right? I’m glad I kind of made them look good, then, haha.
      Well, Saki is a bit niche (it’s hard finding hardcore fans of the series) and has so many spin-offs while Mahouka can be a bit controversial. I think they’re still fun watches, though.
      Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I ended up commenting on the wrong copy of this post so here goes a copy/paste:

    Great list! Makes me so happy to see tomboys who don’t get girlified because of stupid reasons. I haven’t watched any of these shows yet but the Irregular is on my list. And now I’m considering Saki as well? Maybe?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, yeah, I wanted to upload an old gif from my Tumblr into the blog post using my phone, but then it messed up the scheduling and all. So I had to remake said post since it was kind if buried. Hm.

      Yeah! Tomboys should just stay awesome!
      Irregular is fun. Beware of technobabble, though.
      Hmmm I love Saki to death, but the amount of fanservice is a bit alarming. Still has a story that gets me emotional whenever I think about it while driving in traffic, though, haha. Will come up with a post talking about the perils of being a Saki fan for 10 years.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I can handle technobabble. Probably.

        Yeah I have seen you fanboy over Saki here and there. In comments, I think. I’d ask why you were thinking about emotional anime while driving but I also have a tendency to muse about anime and ships during any and all times so I get ya.

        Yet another prospective post yay!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. It is pretty extensive. Still, I liked the show.
          Yeah, that’s where my fanboy moments happen, oops.
          Yeah, it’s just how it is, I suppose. I’ll have to start playing through more visual novels next season so my mind will probably be preoccupied with ships, too.
          I-I’ll try not to disappoint!

          Liked by 2 people

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