Long Riders! Episode 10 Review – “The Azumi Autumn Ride! Pt 2”

The last episode of Long Riders! for the year 2016! Apparently the last two episodes are going straight to Blu-Ray…

(Spoilers in this review)

Ami is panicking over how they’re very close to not finishing the race in time, but the others aren’t too worried. As they talk vaguely about switching leads every 30 seconds, they only instruct Ami to stay within 1 meter of the rider in front of her and to not worry. What’s their secret plan?

Team Fortuna racing to the finish line!

Turns out they’re doing this kind of thing called a slipstream. The cyclist leading the pack fights against the wind, making it easier for the others, who are following her lead, to maintain speed. Smart!

I suppose Ami, the girl who’s behind everyone else, has the easiest time in this formation.
Still, Ami gets discouraged by the uphill portions of the race as well as the fact it’s about to rain.
Hinako encourages her nonetheless. Everyone chimes in that it’s a team event and that they’ll bike as a team. So no giving up, Ami!
The final stretch!

Unfortunately, Team Fortuna was a bit too late.

This looked pretty cool and depressing.
It’s just sweat!
Don’t cry, fair maiden!

…just kidding, they made it! The time displayed on her bike was off! Success!

That feel when technology has failed you once again.
Hinako really… stands out here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
After tackling Hinako and Aoi in celebration, Ami takes a quick victory rest on the ground.
The girls get interviewed about the race and their upcoming goals. Hinako then basically NTRs Aoi c:
Group shot picture 1!
Group shot picture 2! Saki, you’re so cool∼
Group shot picture 3! This is Team Fortuna!

The girls all head to their inn afterwards and celebrate with food. Ami ends up falling asleep while eating, the poor girl.

Do these girls have black holes for bellies???
Saki saving Ami from making a face plant into her serving of food by using her very long and distracting arms.
Pleasant dreams!

The second half of the episode basically shows Ami finally earning some onee-chan points with Emi. About time! I know this will disappoint some viewers / readerws, but their bombshell mom does not make an appearance in this episode. I am sorry.

99 problems and muscle pains is one!
Imouto-chan is just combing her hair until she hears Ami fall.
And then she puts on her hairband before checking out what’s wrong… what a vain imouto.
Triple kuma?
I think Emi just likes seeing her onee-san in pain.
Ah! What a wonderful scream Ami’s seiyuu made here.
Sadist Emi’s true colors revealed!
Emi looking impressed while Ami… isn’t looking too hot.

Right as Emi is about to say something to Ami (probably something about biking as she got out the words, “ore mo“), her cell phone rings. Turns out her friends want to meet up at a store, so off she goes!

On the way there, she moves aside for another cyclist who is speeding through town.
I actually hoped this girl was Saki, but happenstance can’t happen every episode, right?
Her impression of her older sister isn’t too great, it seems.

Unfortunately for Emi, her bike gets a flat tire. So she walks it home and Ami spots her while she’s trying to do laundry (the girl should be resting in bed!)

Fortunately for Emi, the newbie member of Team Fortuna is here to fix her flat tire! I’m sorry, I just had to throw in that line since the team’s very name is Fortuna. It was a perfect chance!

Ami showing Emi she’s got some chops.
“Onee-chan… you’ve changed.”
The Ami harem grows by the episode?

The next episode is titled, “The Moment the City Starts to Move.” I don’t know when I’ll ever get to reviewing that episode. It seems like Ami has her typical overreaction and the girls try to ride up the mountain that’s seen in the OP?

How do these girls get up here? Well, I mean they ride their bikes…shut up, I’m trying to say I’m a bit curious about the next episode!

See you next time!


4 thoughts on “Long Riders! Episode 10 Review – “The Azumi Autumn Ride! Pt 2”

  1. “Hinako really… stands out here”
    I’m gonna guess Hinako is the one who’s flatter than cardboard.

    Y’know, I empathize with Ami’s muscle pain. Finally started working out now that my ankle’s fully healed and exams are done but holy shit, my thighs are murdering me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. N-no, she’s just the shortest by a mile.
      …that’s what came to mind later. The meaning behind the original statement is exactly as you had guessed.
      Yikes, I’m sorry to hear. How long has it been since you last worked out? I’m glad to see you don’t skip leg day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What does it say about me that I didn’t even notice her height…

        Let’s see, around 2 months? I’m scared of losing what muscle I have which is why I’m pushing on.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s okay, I only noticed after your comment haha.
          Ah that’s quite a while. I do remember you became a hopscotch expert because you were forced to get around by jumping on only one foot for a brief period. Hang in there!

          Liked by 1 person

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