Flip Flappers Episode 13 Review – “Pure Audio”

Last episode of Flip Flappers. This is as close as an all pictures episode review you’re going to get for now, folks.

(Spoilers in this review

  1. Animation and character models are a bit …off this episode.
  2. The episode opens with naked Papika befriending Cocona (but when did this happen? Why was she changing ages like a politican changes sides on an issue? Am I going to get my blog hunted down by the FBI for including pics?)
  3. EVIL MIMI turns into lizard-headed woman. I’m going to guess it’s got something to do with mythology and people are going to say, “How symoblic!” I’m just a little weirded out.
  4. They waste frames and minutes on Bu-chan, Sayuri, and NYULESSNESS again.
  5. NYULESSNESS tries calling Yuyu onee-chan” and then “onee-sama” (this is important)
  6. Sayuri watches the man of her dreams derobe and enter Pure Illusion.
  7. Salt walks into this girl’s party uninvited, bumps into REAL MIMI, and Uexküll saves Yayaka like the damsel-in-distress side characters she’s been reduced into.
  8. EVIL MIMI transforms into a magical girl blackhole after saying more hypocritical things.
  9. Salt filled Mimi up with his salty sauce: CONFIRMED
  10. Another heartwarming moment between Cocona and Papika …that wasn’t really needed since she said she loved, loved, loved Papika in the previous episode, but whatever.
  11. Side characters watched Cocona and Papika waltz into MAMA BLACK HOLE while holding hands.in order to win with sparkles
  12. EVIL MIMI realizes she goofed. Salt shoots younger self when younger Salt tries to coav him into undoing everything. Salt goes back to real-world.
  13. Everyone follows suit except for Papika, Cocona, and Mimi. For some reason Mimi stays inside Pure Illusion. No explanation given. Cocona is forced to leave Pure Illusion via Papika’s bubble power so Papika can see if Mimi can measure up to her daughter when it comes to hand holding.
  14. Cocona wakes up in a world where Pure Illusion is inaccessible.
  15. Just kidding, Cocona had a hissy fit and swipe at the exit with her sword while she was leavng. As a result, she stayed inside Pure Illusion. Guess a little hint was how all the characters looked quite different.
  16. Apparently Papika was just having cookies and tea with Mimi. Good girlfriend.
  17. The two leave Pure Illusion and everyone is happy. Cue me breathing a sigh of relief.

Fun fact: I stopped the episode  while Mimi was transforming and took a long nap. It’s not exactly that this was the tipping point (though the episode wasn’t all that impressive), but I was just really, really tired and seeing her transform made me realize I needed to take a lot of pics.

That’s all, folks. The series review will come out after Girlish Number‘s series review, so look forward to it (?).

The rest of the review is just pictures.








9 thoughts on “Flip Flappers Episode 13 Review – “Pure Audio”

  1. An interesting perspective I got when re-watching the show is what exactly IS the real world? Cocona’s world is pretty much “unconventional” to begin with, and they make it clear that Pure Illusion is a sort of multi-layered multi-verse (mind=blown).

    So when they “leave” pure illusion at the end of the last episode, did they REALLY leave it? And it’s funny to note that the last world they left actually looked a lot more like our world than anything else.

    Just throwing in some food for thought. 🙂

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    1. That’s…actually very interesting. I did notice that the world Cocona and Papika left was more realistic. Cocona’s pet actually looked like a rabbit! Thanks for pointing that out! c:


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