OWLS – Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect!

Sorry, I’ve fallen behind on reading people’s posts. Excuses are excuses, but I was a bit distracted with dumb mobile games and watching Hibike! Euphonium S2. I’ll catch up after work today, I promise! 

However, I wanted to bring to your attention that I’m a member of OWLS! What exactly is OWLS, you might ask?


Motto: Free to be ME


Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect

We are a group of otaku bloggers who promotes acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability. We emphasize the importance of respect, kindness, and tolerance to every human being.


Blog tours are our main method of raising awareness for our cause. We, the members, show our solidarity by writing individual posts about a relevant topic and publishing them on our own blogs according to our appointed tour stops. All members are encouraged to participate.

So in other words, we try to encourage and promote acceptance through blog posts that are published during monthly blog tours! This month’s theme is on the topic of Disruptors in anime.

“To disrupt” has a negative denotation, but rather than look at the verb in a negative light, we are going to use the verb in a positive way. It’s like the word, “protest,” which has positive and negative connotations depending on the perspective of the person.

Disruptors: An individual or a group disturbing a system or social norms/conventions taht they believe is destroying what is morally right.

I’m not going to be able to participate in this month’s blog tour, but I’ll be reblogging my fellow members’ posts! The first one is coming out today from Matt-in-the-Hat. Look forward to it!

Follow updates at https://twitter.com/OWLSbloggers

That’s all, folks! If I was a better blogger I would do a more elaborate post but it’s midnight and I need to work tomorrow. Why do I have to work on January 2nd? That is a very good question.

19 thoughts on “OWLS – Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect!

  1. Haha…probably for the exact same reason that I had to work today as well: pretty much for no reason at all lol 😂😂
    On topic though, I think it is a great cause indeed, and a wonderful thing that you guys have put together 😀

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