Idol Jihen Episode 1 Review – “Why Become A Dietwoman?”

Another anime about idols. Haven’t you heard? It’s really trendy these days.

(Spoilers in this review

The concept of Idol Jihen basically boils down to “idols becoming politicians to bring change to stagnant Japan.” And yet the show does nothing new and is stagnant itself

My thoughts on Idol Jihen thus far:

  • Weird hair decorations are definitely in for anime characters. One day I’ll have to write a post about what to expect from the shows I watch (aka yuri / all-girls / girls club / idol shows)
  • The main character, Hoshina Natsuki, is the typical clumsy hardworker. She starts off as a countryside idol, but she manages to secure the position for the Heroine Party (yes, this show has goofy political parties) through her dedication and guts!
  • The other “idol dietwomen” introduced thus far is a coolheaded, goofy blonde (Kondou Sachie) and a tsundere (Onimaru Shizuka).
  • Shizuka is a talented idol but her aura apparently hurts others. As a result, she was kicked out of an idol group sometime in the past.
  • Natsuki manages to convince Shizuka that it’s alright to have this kind of aura because she, too, has a special aura, etc.Eh? All this talk about auras makes Idol Jihen sound like a battle show.
  • I wonder if the other six girls need to be “saved” by Natsuki. She’s obviously closest to Shizuka in the OP, however, which is nice? In the same vein, the ED is all about Natsuki and Shiuzka. Perhaps each episode will get a different ED.
  • There were a lot of flowery scenes. The big performance in particular stood out. Unfortunately, there were also some off-model faces with very long chins!

tl;dr – A very average idol show. The only thing to note is that these girls are also politicans. Politican idols instead of school idols! The imagery is very flowery! You shouldn’t be in a rush to watch this.


5 thoughts on “Idol Jihen Episode 1 Review – “Why Become A Dietwoman?”

    1. Mmmm… I can’t actually recommend this show thus far. I stopped reviewing it every week, but I’m still watching it and I’ll probably do a series review (and say it’s a disappointment). Stay awaaaay

      (The parties would be great, though haha)

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    1. There might be! There’s nine girls (just like Love Live!) and they all have different personalities. So far we’ve only been introduced to a genki girl, a tsundere, and a blonde girl that kind of acts like a senpai to both. Maybe there’s waifu material in there somewhere, but it’s just something to tide me over while I wait for Love Live! Sunshine!! S2, personally.

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