Monthly Update #3: Updated Blog Layout, Episode Reviews, Visual Novel Reviews, and Brief Hiatus

Wow, this is coming out when we’re already one-third of the way into January! So timely! It’s probably because I got confused as to whether or not I should post a blog update when I kind of posted about that toward the end of 2016

I finally discovered widgets ayyyyyyy. So I went and changed things up in The Lily Garden. My new header images look a little blurry, though. Hm.

I know I talked about not doing episode reviews in the aforementioned post, but I think I spoke too soon. I’ve just been managing my time inefficiently. So I’m going to continue with those, but I’ll try to be work a bit smarter. The shows I’m planning on reviewing on an episode basis, by the way, are

  • BanG Dream!
  • Gabriel DropOut
  • Idol Jihen
  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  • Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu
  • Nyanko Days
  • Piace: Watashi no Italian
  • Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel
  • Urara Meirochou

I’m already having some second thoughts over these shows, but I ain’t a quitter! I swallow down my regrets and keep going (no comments, please).

Hopefully I can make time to review visual novels. I’m so behind.

Lastly, I’m going to be heading up to Genesis 4 between the 19th and the 23rd. I’ll try to keep up with you all when I’m not playing video games or drinking myself silly!

That’s all. Dang, I’m already a little behind this season. Gonna have to review at least 3 episodes tomorrow. Anyways, ta ta for now!

29 thoughts on “Monthly Update #3: Updated Blog Layout, Episode Reviews, Visual Novel Reviews, and Brief Hiatus

  1. I really like the new layout 😀 Widgets are so handy!
    I look forward to reading those reviews! I hope you get to write more. I know just how time consuming blogging can get sometimes… But you’ll manage fine, I’m sure ^^

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    1. It’s a short and wasn’t really my thing or applicable to the blog since no yuri. But I don’t think it’s bad. Just a bit niche, perhaps? You do get to learn about Italian food and see pictures of real food compared to how they are presented in anime.


  2. Hello, I’ve never read or watched yuri before but I guess I’m open to trying it??? I have no idea, can’t really say until I read one. Do you have any recommendations for a beginner?

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    1. A lot of the shows I watch and review can only be called yuri by association since kissing and hugging doesn’t happen on-screen. Gotta keep my options open, right?

      For anime, I think Yuru Yuri and Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? are good for beginners. They’re both easy-going and the series primarily are comedies (and the yuri plays a second fiddle, but there’s enough subtext for shipping). Yuru Yuri does start off a bit slow, though.

      If you’re in the mood for show that isn’t SoL, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru is a lot more action-based. I’ve never heard that many passionate yells in a show before. It’s also getting a second season later this year.

      I can’t really recommend Sakura Trick even though the girls are actually making out since it’s to the point that it’s ridiculous. Not to mention that I despise the main couple. But that’s on the table if you’re interested. I have a few older shows in mind but they’re even slower than Yuru Yuri, so yeah.

      As for manga, a lot of yuri fans can’t get over Girlfriends by Morinaga Milk, which is widely considered a classic.

      Hopefully those recommendations aren’t too alienating. Sorry for the late response and thanks for dropping by!

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  3. Dude, we’re using the same layout!

    Also, if you need help with banners (or graphics), let me know. Let’s make your blog pretty.

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