Nyanko Days Episode 1 Review – “Me and My Kitties”

Some anime shorts can be intruiging, but I’m not impressed with what we saw during these two minutes.

(Spoilers in this review)

My thoughts on Nyanko Days thus far:

  • The main character, Konagai Yuuko, is a loner at class but cheerful girl at home (when surrounded by her pet cats).
  • It’s almost a guarantee that Shiratori Azumi will get involved with Yuuko later on.
  • Somehow Yuuko’s cats can talk!
  • It appears that Azumi also has a kitty, so perhaps that’s how she will bond with Yuuko.
  • That’s it.

tl;dr – loner girl has three talking cats who resemble lolis. This is the norm for cats in this setting apparently. I mean, it’s only two minutes long, but it kind of felt like a waste of 120 seconds.



8 thoughts on “Nyanko Days Episode 1 Review – “Me and My Kitties”

  1. As a cat owner I see the appeal in this. I often treat Mozart as if he is a little person because of his very human-like reactions to the things I do.

    Still, it seems like they would be cuter if they looked like cats.

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