OWLS Disruptor Post: Claymore’s 7 Ghosts of the Northern War

Venus talks about the Seven Ghosts in Claymore rebel and fight for what is right – a decision we all may need to take at some point in our lives. Hopefully we can follow their footsteps!

JAPANime Talks

Strength, obedience and individuality – three things that make Claymores the most effective combat weapons against the
supposed enemies of the human race – yoma

To establish Claymore as a point of reference for a real-life, practical scenario, it might help to take a quick look at some series facts:

The 7 Ghosts or Survivors of the Northern Warmiria






The Numbering System

This is perhaps one of the most distinct and solid fact about Claymores. Once they are deemed ready by the ‘Organization’ to fight on the field, they’re automatically given specific numbers (nos. 1-47) depending on their combat strength.

It’s both a hierarchy and warning that keeps all the members in line.

  • Lower numbers obey the higher digits.
  • Single digits command a team on field.
  • And nos. 1 to 5 are kept by the Organization near the headquarters as a sort of protection and for convenience purposes in…

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