Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel Episode 2 Review – “Train! And Our First Victory”

A breather episode on the second week? That’s 2017 for ya.

(Spoilers in this review

Well, to be fair, it’s not like the entire episode was a break from the action. We get a few minutes of action towards the end, yeah!

That’s right, the main team, Altair Torte spend most of the episode training (basic gym exercises) eating, and doing an impromptu puppet show. Then they fight a flying O’bli and manage to destroy it with the new formation they came up during the puppet show. No practice needed! The episode ends with them doing swimming drills as actual practice.

Thoughts on this episode:

  • The design team put it a lot of work! Different schoolgirl uniforms yet matching team uniforms, wow!
  • Tsubame was feeling pressured over how Altair Torte is the weakest team, so the other girls went shopping and bought tons of good food to cheer her up. They’re pretty good friends!
  • Apparently Yuumi is friends with a chef so that’s why they got to eat such elaborate dishes after their training? It never occurred to them to train before, either, by the way? Really?
  • More talk about Tsubame’s missing memories. At least once an episode, folks.
  • J.C. Staff reused severval instances of animation. Namely their drab transformation scenes, the girls staring up at the crystal thing, and them jumping up into the crystal thing to enter the parallel world.
  • The concept of Memoca was brought up to explain how they now have different and better weapons. Apparently it’s got to do with merging with their selves from a parallel world or something. I was getting some Katekyo Hitman Reborn! flashbacks from that…
  • I’m not sure why the teacher is wearing that kind of swimwear at her age.
  • The ED is very reminiscent of old-school video games! Apparently this was originally a social game (well, it does have ANIMATION in the name), so there you have it. J.C. Staff is at it again.

tl;dr – most of the episode shows the main team messing around. It ain’t youth if they ain’t wasting their time. And then they beat their first O’bli, hooray! Nothing really happened to help this show stand out, but that’s probably going to be the case until the situation revolving around Tsubame’s memories are explored.

The next episode is titled, “Formed! Altair Torte,” so I’m guessing it’s either a flashback episode or an episode where they are finally acknowledged by the other teams? 

The leader is always in the middle, it seems.
Didn’t know Yuumi was actually friend with the leader of Coconut Vega. She does sort of resemble Io, too!
The most silly name and the most silly outfit.
We actually know nothing about this team. Eh? Aoi Yukie’s outfit sort of clashes.
We left you out in order to buy food for us all to share! Surprise!
Little cakes!
Dun dun donuts!
This girl knows what’s up. Can’t have just sweets!
The single piece of brococoli, huh? Part of a balanced diet!
Aaaaaaaaa I’m so jealous.
Disclaimer: she’s talking about volleyball practice.
You’re going to open that can of worms, Io?
Wait, this was unintentional? Io, you’re a bit insensitive, huh?
Tsubame recalling her first memory. Somehow she’s in uniform.
Io breaks down Coconut Vega’s strategy.
I thought it was pretty impressive.
A lot of people don’t really sit down and ponder what they’re going to do.
So yeah, I think Io makes for a great right-hand woman to Tsubame.
This stuff again?
Now that you’ve said that, it’s a guarantee that her origin is sinister.
The loli with the anime voice came up with this idea, by the way.
A sword.
Io’s fists look so cheap with that shade of red in my opinion.
WOW your uniform!
Push-ups and sit-ups and running on treadmills has prepared up for this!
Seriously, are you trying to take out O’blis or trying to get lolicons to take out their money HI-YO!
I low-key wish I was her. Flying and gunning looks so cool. Just like her.
I’m actually the O’bli.
Well, I would hope so.
Awww, it’s like training is a continuous process and doesn’t stop after you see results for once!


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