Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 2 Review – “Second Dragon, Kanna! (We’re Totally Spoiling Here)”

The series has improved compared to the previous episode, in my opinion.

(Spoilers in this review

Kobayashi shows a soft side and is less of a sour and dour snarker who stomps over Tooru’s enthusiasm this week, which makes her a more agreeable character. I understand that some people felt she was initially a bit too cold towards Tooru, but I think it’s only natural considering Tohru starts off as a stranger (excluding their first encounter where Kobayashi was essentially drunk).

We also get a bit of insight into Kobayashi’s mindset. When Kanna, one of Tooru’s dragon friends, shows up at the doorstep, Kobayashi realizes Kanna does not have a place to stay. As a result, Kobayashi tells Kanna that she would be welcome in the apartment. And to that, Kanna proclaims, “I don’t trust humans. You’re plotting something. You’re trying to use me!” (That’s probably a reasonable assumption considering Tooru nearly died to some humans, but I digress)

In response, Kobayashi says that sort of reaction is natural. “I wouldn’t trust anyone, either. Trusting someone is something that happens after you become friends or become lovers.” While it’s clear that Tooru is little sad to hear Kobayashi say such words (since it implies that she didn’t trust Tooru in the beginning), Tooru is also glad that she fell in love with Kobayashi, who is kind enough to open her home to yet another stranger (and of course Kobayashi’s honesty convinces Kanna).

So where does Kobayashi’s relationship with Tooru stand? Are they friends, at least? Well, Kobayashi follows up the statement about trust shown above by saying, “Kanna-chan, I won’t ask you to be my friend. Let’s live together. That’s all.” So, in Kobayashi’s opinion, roommates aren’t automatically friends. They’re seperate matters entirely. So it seems Tooru has yet to truly enter Kobayashi’s heart as either a friend or a lover.

However, Kobayashi realizes that she doesn’t actually know much about Tooru and starts to ponder on how she can rectify this while they are shopping. She also shows real concern for Tooru after Tooru thwarts a thief’s getaway since Kobayashi mistakenly assumes that the crowd of people would turn against the dragon maid for being so inhumanly powerful (thankfully, that isn’t the case). The way Kobayashi tightens her hand around Tooru’s hand as they walk home is a sign of hope, too.

Random Thoughts:

  • The way Tooru freezes when the crowd stares at her really drives home how her past experiences in her original world dictate her perception of her surroundings (which was noted by Kobayashi). After all, she nearly died in a battle against humans so she is scared of crowds (and sees the department store as a castle and the shopping district as guilds’ bazaars).
  • Perhaps we’ll see exactly what Kobayashi did after she stumbled upon Tooru with a sword in her side in a future episode. For now, it remains hazy since it’s a touchy subject for Tooru and Kobayashi can’t fully remember the details due to being inebriated.
  • I think it’s obvious, but humans did not have peaceful relations with dragons in Tooru’s original world. Kanna’s outburst about not trusting humans is only more evidence for said train of thought.
  • Kanna and Tooru both wondered out loud if this world’s dragons have ran away or died out. To me, that’s a possible sign that some dragons who aren’t originally from Tooru’s world will pop up. It also could be a throwaway statement that doesn’t foreshadow anything.
  • The only author I know with the name of Tooru is GTO‘s manga-ka.
  • Tooru’s position in the apartment is actually the lowest out of the three considering that she has to do chores (i.e. perform maid duties). Meanwhile, it seems like Kanna is a freeloader who’s living an easy life.


Maid cooking!
That feeling when your dragon maid is better at socializing than you.
The crowd gathers.
Kobayashi reaches!
She looks down for someone who’s thinking, “I won’t wash this hand for a while.”
Kanna’s assualt on Kobayashi is relentless!
Kobayashi is nicer than expected.
Just a little sparring.
You know, nothing big.
Keeping it minor.
The two dragons do their impressions of Kobayashi.
She’s rather attached to Kobayashi!
Crepes are miracle food.
Same with ice cream.
Rather sisterly!

15 thoughts on “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 2 Review – “Second Dragon, Kanna! (We’re Totally Spoiling Here)”

    1. Ehh but Tooru in Kobayashi-san was named after an author in the real world. But Tooru from Fruits Basket is pretty great!

      Oh, I was trying to do more analysis, less play-by-play. I have you and prattle and edsamac and Palpable and weekendotaku and KimmieKawaii and Karandi to thank for that, I think.

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