Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu Episode 3 Review – “Let’s Start a Girls Cycling Club”

Well, the girls form a school club! Who woulda thunk?

(Spoilers in this review


Hiromi and Tomoe check out school clubs as they’re required to join one due to school policy. They bump into the two girls who accompanied them during their bike ride (in last week’s episode), Natsumi and Fuyune. The four girls then head to a well-furnished clubroom since Fuyune’s grandmother, who happens to be the principal, asked Fuyune to meet her there.

The principal rambles about the past of the now-defunct Minami Kamakura Cycling Club. Fuyune decides to revive the bicycle club and, to her surprise, everyone is willing to join her. As a result, the club is formed and now has four members!

Thoughts on this Episode:

  • I actually expected Hiromi to form the club. I guess it’s a bit silly in hindsight since she’s not really a leader type. Still, Fuyune and Hiromi are basically beginners to bicycling so this should be interesting.
  • The show is rather slow, but at least they established the club by the end of this episode. I think. It’s pretty obvious that the blonde girl joins their club eventually, but does a club need at least four members or five members? Well, the principal would probably let them be a club even if they’re short a member since this was her club back in the day.
  • Hiromi is a nincompoop. Of course bikes existed 40 years ago…
  • Who would have thought that the principal was Fuyune’s grandmother?
  • Will Natsumi spend more time in the Swimming Club or in the Bicyling Club? Probably the Bicylcing Club, right? She wasn’t content with how the pool was so small or how the scenery is always the same.
  • I suppose Fuyune’s older sister got in an accident and can no longer walk. I’m actually rather intruiged about her. Her request for Fuyune to show her “a view you reached by traveling one step at a time by your own two feet” is rather deep.

tl;dr – the show is slow-paced but it’s getting there. This is just a typical SoL girls club show with pretty backgrounds so far. I’m rather interested in Fuyune’s older sister, but she’ll probably get minimal screentime so we’re stuck with these main characters that I don’t consider as interesting (read: a ditz, an unathletic glasses girl, a tomboyish athlete, and a ojou-sama with a soft side).


3 thoughts on “Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu Episode 3 Review – “Let’s Start a Girls Cycling Club”

  1. There wasn’t a lot of cycling in this week’s episode but it does seem like things are coming together so that we may get to see more girls on bikes. The pace of the show seems really easy-going, even by slice-of-life standards.

    The one big surprise for me was how old the principal seemed in comparison to her actual age. If she was in a high school club in 1974, that puts her in her early 60s, but to me her voice and demeanour was that of a much older person (I would have guessed her as being in her 70s or even 80s, not so much because of her grey hair but because of how she moved and spoke). My parents are in their 60s and still very sprightly and active, and my in-laws are much the same. Being a school principal must be pretty rough I guess!

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    1. Mmmm surely we get to see more girls riding on bikes very soon. I agree with the pacing. I also felt Long Riders was about as easy-going as this show. What do you think? Sorry, we probably shouldn’t actively compare the two series…

      That’s a good observation. Well hmmm. Anime isn’t exactly the best when it comes to depicting character age. Characters faces are wrinkle free until they’re like 30. No crow’s feet or anything. And then they age like a rock under a waterfall.


    2. She seems to have a pretty good way of coping with the stress as a principal by just visiting the club room! Wonder how she’ll relax now that the club is being revived.


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