Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 3 Review: “Formed! Altair Torte”

As expected from the episode title, this weeks’s episode is basically a giant flashback.

(Spoilers in this review


The beginning of the episode shows Altair Torte’s improved teamwork resulting in them killing two O’bli. The rest of the episode is then dedicated to showing how the team was formed.

Thoughts on This Episode:

  • A flashback episode where the setting is finally explained feels awkward. Sure, we want to know about what’s happening in this series, but this episode also feels like the issue of Tsubame’s amnesia is being delayed, which is the only thing making this show unique compared to other all-girls action shows.
  • Speaking of which, I feel like the rest of the team is being rather dismissive of Tsubame’s amnesia. “Oh, you can’t remember your past? I can’t remember to bring my textbooks to class so we’re the same!” That’s not remotely on the same level! I guess they’re trying to keep things light-hearted for Tsubame, but I’m also guessing that she’ll be upset that they don’t quite understand how this is a big deal for her and that she’ll blow up later on.
  • That being said, I wasn’t really a fan of Tsubame’s angst in this episode. “Oh, I messed up once and I’m afraid everyone will be put in danger because of me, so I don’t deserve to be around you girls.” You can’t get more generic than that. Thankfully, they snapped her out of it rather quickly.
  • Maybe I’m overthinking things, but the teacher was also a bit manipulative in how she gave Yuumi a small nudge by talking about heroes. Once she embraced the idea, Yuumi went on to convince everyone else. Very cunning, Sensei!

tl;dr – a flashback episode that explains the setting and shows how Tsubame is the only one really worrying about her amnesia. Her memory problem is the only thing that keeps people watching, so I understand why the show is dangling the issue in front of our faces. I’m thinking that it’ll be a while before it’s actually explored, so the only reason to watch Schoolgirl Strikers currently is for the quirky girls. The show is still incredibly generic that brings nothing innovative to the table. The package deal also features slipshod animation and fight scenes with dark screens (as if the studio is trying to hide the quality slips).


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