Urara Meirochou Episode 3 Review – “Our Friends and Colleagues are Sometimes Rivals”

This week focused more on Chiya and Koume.

(Spoilers in this review


The girls go on an errand to fetch Nina-sensei’s imported order, “Chinese Porcelain Bowl with Bats and Nine Peaches.” To do so, however, they have to enter the Benten, a famous store with rare and expensive goods. They end up breaking a pricey item, so the storeowner forces them to work under her for a year. In order to earn their freedom, Chiya accepts a wild gamble and manages to win (since the shopowner admired her courage).

The second half of the episode features Koume and Chiya sticking together because a huge clump of Chiya’s hair became entangled with Koume’s top. Chiya doesn’t want to cut her hair and Koume doesn’t want to cut the button off her foreign top, so it’s a stalemet. However, Koume ends up sacrificing her fancy clothing in order to make things easier for the both of them and to try to understand Chiya better. We also get to find out exactly why Chiya is scared of scissors and of getting her hair cut.

Thoughts on this Episode:

  • The fanservice continues. I think I’m just going to have accept the fact that 15 year-old girls will be flashing their bellies in Urara Meirochou. Now we have Kon dressing up in various suggstive outfits, too.
  • Chiya continues to demonstrate that she’s heads and shoulders above the rest when it comes to having the potential and mindset of an urara. However, she’s also really lacking common sense. Her fear or scissors and hair trimming is rather silly. Perhaps that’s why she’s suited to being a fortune-teller. Being able to tell the future lies beyond the scope of common sense. Chiya, however, is not restrained by such boundaries and thus has the makings of an excellent urara. This is all conjecture, however.
  • My impression of Koume has improved with this episode. Being able to put aside something you really value in an attempt to get someone to open up to you is commendable. She isn’t just someone who likes playing around with Chiya, folks!
  • I had thought we had learned all there was to Chiya, but Koume brought up some interesting points in regards to Chiya’s background. I guess the entire series is going to chipping away at that, bit by bit. Maybe we’ll learn exactly why she was raised by Setsu.
  • If the trend follows, then we’ll probably get some insight into Nono during the next episode (given that episode 2 told us a bit about Kon and this one heavily featured Koume). However, I still think we’ve really learned all there is to know about Nono. Prove me wrong, Urara Meirochou!
  • Saku, the captain-of-the-guard, is basically the audience surrogate. Meaning she’s really sensitive to the lewd bits and the yuri shiptease. Too bad I can’t truly enjoy the moments considering they look too young.
  • That being said, the art remains both pretty and cute. That’s probably the strong point of the series

tl;dr – Chiya continues to be both amazingly suited to being an urara and amazingly hopeless at being rational. The fanservice remains unabated as with the beautiful artstyle and animation. Koume gets her chance to shine and she’s not as dull as I originally thought.

The quest for the “Chinese Porcelain Bowl with Bats and Nine Peaches!”
The girls imagine the shopkeeper of Benten, “The Old Tanki of Bloque Ten.”
Chiya is the only one who isn’t freaking out.
Old Tanuki asking how they’ll pay for this.
This gag just keeps being overused. Koume really does like touching up Chiya, though.
The gang changed into working clothes.
Kon complained about wearing Western clothes, so she gets put into this.
Back to Western!
And then back to Eastern!
Kon ends up in the maid outfit in the end and lets some praise get to her haid.
CHIYA DID IT (Old Tanuki is actually pretty kind).
Saku overhearing things and letting her imagination run wild.
Saku vision: now featuring chin-in-hand-kisses.
Scissors make Chiya become feral!
It’s a stalemate!
Saku looked pretty good with long hair.
That’s pretty rough. Wait, Koume is left-handed? Or was she being considerate?
“Let’s go the bathroom!”
Poor Koume.
The girls butt heads!
Koume was pretty cool here.
“Yay! We’re friends! Not lovers despite me being on top of you like this!”
The girls get the beauty treatment!

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