BanG Dream! Episode 1 Review – “We Met!”

Five girls will end up forming a rock band (in a later episode). For now, just like the episode suggests, they’re still just strangers who have bumped into each other.

(Spoilers in this review

Thoughts on This Show Thus Far:

  • The show was not subtle at all in regards to who will eventually join the band. I mean, I guess viewers would already know if they saw a picture of BanG Dream! before they watched the episode, so it’s a bit of a moot point.
  • The (main) main character, Kasumi, is obsessed with stars, it seems. I think dreamers as a whole are attracted to stars. The protagonist in one of my favorite visual novels (Asuka in Nurse Love Addcition) was also drawn to stars. Reach for the stars, etc. So now she’s going to form a rock band because she isn’t good enough at any other activity!
  • I’m a little curious as to why the girl with pigtails (sources say she’s called Arisa) denies being a highschool student. Perhaps she wants to appear more mature?
  • I’m getting bombarded by characters named Natsuki recently. First Hibike! Euphonium, then Idol Jihen, and now BanG Dream!
  • There’s already implications that Saaya probably has some issues to sort out. It’s amusing that the girl who Kasumi was initially drawn to is probably the most troublesome. Saaya is also the only one who isn’t at least partially enamored by the rock band that performed in this episode.
  • Seems likely that every girl, besides Kasumi, will take an episode or two to be convinced to join. Or maybe they’ll all join (except for Saaya, who I really think has some problems she’s got to get through first. The more I think about it, the more I believe she was a drummer for another band). Anyways, 2cour is a lot of episodes for them to work with…
  • I can’t say this show really enthralls viewers. To be honest, girls with ponytails grab my attention, so I can’t help but pay attention to Saaya. Still, BanG Dream! is not a priority watch. Unless you really like thighs. Since the camera focuses on that very often.


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