Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu Episode 4 Review – “I Won’t Let You Take Natsumi-chan!”

No, this episode isn’t about a lovers’ quarrel (to my eternal disappointment).

(Spoilers in this review

The girls bribe Shiki-sensei into being their advisor via food. Apparently Nagisa is a great chef!

The Swim Club is upset that Nagisa won’t be joining the club, however, so the second-year, Hiroko, challenges Hiromi to a bike races. It seems like whoever wins gets to have Nagisa join their club. Hiroko gets Hiromi’s cruddy mommy bike while Hiromi gets Nagisa’s fast road bike to balance it out. She also gives Hiromi a bunch of advantages in order to make more fair. Gosh, she’s really sure of herself.

Shiki-sensei mangaes to sneak in a stipulation that prevents her from standing and riding however. Nice going! More disadvantages for the cocky swimmer!

In the end, Hiromi loses, but it turns out that the senpai just wanted to have a bit of competition and won’t be trying to stop Nagisa from joining the Bicycle Club.

The episode ends with Yuika, Tomoe’s imouto, introducing herself and showing the Bicycle Club designs of the uniform she came up for them.

After the ED, it turns out the club is getting disbanded?? We also learn about bicycle tools from the weekly live-action segment with AOP and the old Japanese guy…

Thoughts On This Episode:

  • I can’t believe how quickly my opinion of a character changed from pretty negative to overwhelmingly positive once Hiroko revealed that she just wanted to have a bit of competition. Why do I find myself interested in side characters? The main characters should step it up!
  • We sure do learn a lot about bicycles in this show, both before the ED and after the ED.
  • While the pace of the show seems glacial, things are getting done. They secured an advisor and they’re probably going to start wearing team uniforms soon.
  • So Yuika and Tomoe didn’t realize they were talking about the same person a couple of episodes back? How close-hearted are these sisters? Why won’t they actually talk things out and share the finest details of their days? Just kidding. It’s merely another misunderstanding. Stories thrive off that and will continue to do so.
  • No romantic tension between Hiromi and Nagisa despite Hiromi trying her best for Nagisa’s sake. That’s fine.
  • The backgrounds look beautiful as usual.
  • Who wants to bet that the bicycle club is getting disbanded because they’re short a member?


10 thoughts on “Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu Episode 4 Review – “I Won’t Let You Take Natsumi-chan!”

  1. The first photo looks so realistic. At first, I thought it was real food. I find that I’m interested in side characters more in most anime. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s show – I have no idea.

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