20 thoughts on “Nyanko Days Episode 3 Review – “Weekend With Cats 2”

  1. I still can’t get over the people cats.

    (Also, actual kittens are cuter? I mean, you can’t beat kittens, man. If it was a grownass person with ears and tail, that’d be a whole other thing but as it stands…)

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    1. I’m not sure where I stand on this whole thing.

      *washes hands in dirty sink* I have absolved myself of this matter. I merely take screencaps of this show.

      (Apparently this show also encourages animal roleplay? Saw an online ad where some chick was like, “I’m tired of being a mature and responsible human. I need a master who can treat me like _______ and _______. Change the subject line to ‘Nyanko Days.”” I was like yoooooo

      Can send screenshot if desired)

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      1. Animal play is something I’ve come across before so I’m not surprised at all. But I have yet to see an ad of it.

        Not really my kink though. Send it over, it should be interesting.

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        1. Yeah it’s not all too shocking. Just didn’t think Nyanko Days would get someone to think “I need a master to spoil me etc.”

          Just sent it! There’s a lot worse on that site, but it was just unexpected.

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          1. Quite the jump indeed.

            To me, she’s just a golddigger with a kink. The words that stand out to me are “lavishly” and “sessions.” I’m guessing she would want money to laze around (who could blame her) during each session. Hmmm.
            I guess she’s also a go-getter since she knows what she wants!

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          2. If she finds someone who’s willing to pay to have a human kitty to dote on, I guess that’d work out for them both.

            …you know, I’ll never look at those tiny people cats the same way ever again.

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          3. I suppose so. Idk, I’m still trying to come to terms with the whole “compensate me spending time with you with money” thing. One bad experience and you’re left very very bitter.

            Mmm… Well, at least it’s no longer overly sweet for either of us. It’s just weird now.

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          4. Ahh fair enough. I wouldn’t take kindly to a bad experience of that nature, I think. Seeing a friend getting screwed over financially (and emotionally) by his girlfriend was bad enough.

            Yup. Farewell, feline innocence.

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          5. At least it’s good future experience? Never had a broken heart myself. Only time I fell in love, I never even told her and gradually fell out love after a couple of years. Relatively painless.

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          6. I suppose so. Oh, I’m glad you’ve yet to experience that then.

            Hmm I had a crush on the girl who slapped the crap outta my jaw. Then fell in love with my first girlfriend. When we broke up I started doing some one-night stands to cope. Probably still coping.

            Oh but what I was referring to was when a stripper wanted me to pay for her stuff. I guess I have some wild stories wahaha.

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