Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 4 Review: “Arrived! The Beautiful Detective Everyone’s Talking About!”

It’s a detective episode. Except not really.

(Spoilers in this review

The girls talk about the newly arrived physics teacher and how there’s supposed to be a “Beautiful Detective” on their campus.

While Mana and Yuumi stuff their faces with mediocre pancakes, Satoka, who happens to be the rumored “Beautiful Detective,” goes around solving cases with Ako, a member of Coconut Vega.

Satoka (who’s actually just a detective’s assistant and thus finds it hard to respond to the moniker, “Beautiful Detective”) then hears about how certain girls on the Fifth Force feel like they’re being watched. She’s now on the case! Meanwhile, Tsubame searches for the dorm’s cat, Boss.

Thanks to a brief run-in with some of Biscuit Sirius’s members, Satoka has cracked the case and determined the culprit. After Altair Torte stands by and watches Biscuit Sirius, the strongest group, handily defeat a big O’bli, Satoka reveals that the stalking culprit was Boss, who somehow snuck into the alternate dimension and was watching people who have taken care of him.

The girls then celebrate with crappy pancakes (Yuumi is an inspiring cook, remember). After the ED, Satoka realizes that the case cannot be closed as there’s a few details that remain unexplained.

Thoughts On This Episode:

  • I said this wasn’t really a detective episode because there was a very minimal chance for viewers to solve the case due to the fanastical and sci-fi elements. Well, we did get a few shots of Tsubame and Mana looking for Boss, so perhaps I was just too slow to piece things together during my first viewing.
  • So Biscuit Sirius is apparently the strongest group by a longshot. Apparently teams are stronger when they work together (well, I guess that’s obvious). This teamwork allegedly stems from the fact that the leader of the group has a childhood friend and a relative on the team as well as a pair of twins. I feel like the twins-has-impeccable-teamwork-thing is a bit forced, but I’m pretty biased when it comes to twins since I’m also a twin!
  • And Biscuit Sirius has wings. All of the members do. Only Satoka on Altair Torte can fly (and thus she’s probably completely outclassed by each member of BS). That’s a pretty big advantage if you ask me.
  • It was nice seeing another side to Satoka, who has basically been only shown eating thus far. Flat quirky characters can only go so far.
  • I actually laughed at the comedic timing in this episode. The gags were decent! The silver-haired twin in particular is a riot. Adding screenshots of the funniest gags would have really cause this post to bloat up, however.
  • As expected, Tsubame’s amnesia was brought up once again. However, this new Physics teacher might have some sort of connection to her (the coloration of the OP hides it, but she’s there smirking behind Tsubame), so we’re (FINALLY) getting some sort of progress. Also she’s probably the one who caused the dimensional field thing to widen which allowed Boss to enter the alternative dimension in the first place. Furthermore, the girl who felt creeped out that it felt like someone was watching her had no interaction with Boss and thus shouldn’t have been watched by the cat. Thus that means someone else was watching her. The case remains open!
  • Also it seems that the girls can appreciate the other girls’ bodies. Wahoo.
  • The animation here in many scenes were quite dubious in this episode. It’s too early into the season for the animation to start falling apart!


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