Gabriel DropOut Episode 4 Review – “Summer Vacation, Ho!”

Oh, boy, a beach episode.

(Spoilers in this review


The girls plan out a beach trip (after both Raphiel and Gabriel torment Satania for laughs) during summer break. Of course we don’t get to see the girls take their final exams because that’s boring stuff. Once they’re actually at the beach, however, Satania, Vigne, and Raphiel all have to try to convince Gabriel that the beach is actually fun.

The second half of the episode features Satania and Gabriel cramming (and copying off others) because they neglected their summer homework. Satania (and the audience) get to see how Vigne and Gabriel first met as Vigne reluctantly recalls her memories.

Thoughts On This Episode:

  • For angels and demons who have never been to a human beach before, they were rather knowledgable about the fun activities us lowly humans enjoy at a beach!
  • I don’t think the gags in this episode really established anything new. Satania remains the butt of most of the jokes, Raphiel continues to enjoy making Satania squirm, Gabriel has the same kind of “rivalry” relationship with Satania and Vigne gets along with everyone.
  • But we did get to see pure and innocent Gabriel was before she played MMOs thanks to Vigne’s flashback. Quite jarring compared to how she is now, really.
  • I’m actually glad seeing that they didn’t keep everything in chronological order. How many episodes would it have taken for Vigne and Gabriel to reach their current relationship if Gabriel DropOut started from the very beginning with no time-skips? Now we get to see the juicy bits (gags) which is supplemented with flashbacks when needed.
  • I suppose we’ll eventually get to see Vigne’s reaction to “failen angel” Gabriel in some later episode which will be quite amusing, I have no doubt.
  • tl;dr – this show is going nowhere in terms of plot. The gags in this episode feel much less inspired compared to the previous episodes, as well.


6 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 4 Review – “Summer Vacation, Ho!”

  1. I guess Gabriel DropOut is one of those shows where you simply have to enjoy the characters. Re-used settings are nothing really new in themselves, but what makes them fun to watch is if you can genuinely engage with the characters.

    I think this episode explored a couple more fun uses of the whole “angels and devils” plot, using smart jokes that played around with the idea. I personally liked how Gabriel likened their travel guide book to Revelations. Again, these are very subtle things, but nothing obviously funny.

    But yeah, I generally agree that the comedic tone is subdued, and otherwise straightforward. It’s just another one of those shows, I guess. On a different note, there WAS one joke here that was lost in translation — and you know what that means. 😉 *wink*

    Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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    1. Fair enough. Being able to enjoy the characters being shown on screen is important in every genre.

      Mmm some nice references and interesting jokes definitely happened in this episode, if nothing else.

      Some shows just give it to you straaaaight. No curveballs!

      Ohhh I saw Alane tweet about it. Will have to check it out when I’m off work.

      Thanks for dropping by! c:

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