Urara Meirochou Episode 5 Review – “Brides and Gods Sometimes Sneeze”

Chiya might have seen something special while dressed up as a bride this week!

(Spoilers in this episode)

Apparently there’s this tradition in Meirochou where the urara dress up as brides for the gods to choose from, so the girls are dolled up for half of the episode. Chiya ends up drunk from the scent of festival wine and runs amok. While resting on top of a hill in a drunken stupor, Chiya seems to meet and talk with a black and translucent creature (that is neither a fox nor a rabbit) before passing out.

Captain Saku apparently found Chiya afterwards and carried her home. Everyone was worried for Chiya (Kon really took the cake here, however). It turns out that Chiya caught a cold (and it’s her first one) so the others help and try to take care of her. Kon ends up feeling a bit behind Chiya since Chiya probably saw a god. After hearing about Kon’s feelings, Nina-sensei assures Kon that treating your fellow urara as both friends and rivals is only natural.

Thoughts on this episode:

  • A few forgotten gags were brough back in this episode: Nina-sensei’s penchant for harakiri, Chiya’s ability to attract animals with ease…
  • At this rate, Nono is the only one who has yet to realize that her fellow students / urara-in-training are both her friends and her rivals. Koume told Chiya as much back in episode three while Nina-sensei informed Kon that such relationships between urara are to be expected. Nono’s such a nice girl that she probably won’t figure this out until she’s explicitly told.
  • It is confirmed that Kon is the girl who does the retorting when the chips are down. Koume sometimes fills in that role, but she was just as drunk as the others in this episode.
  • I guess that Chiya is shown to be the most talented of her peers yet again since she sees and interacts with a god. We all know she’s just coasting on talent since she’s a terrible student. I’m still of the opinion that her mother is a powerful urara and that Chiya’s talent comes from her.
  • Overall, this episode has some plot progession. The fanservice is pretty dialed down in this episode



7 thoughts on “Urara Meirochou Episode 5 Review – “Brides and Gods Sometimes Sneeze”

        1. Haha better than vampires using blood for lube. Actually, that statement is debatable.

          I stand corrected. Chiya apparently unleashed a bunch of pheromones when she got tipsy which caused animals to flock to her and people to act like animals, I think. But I’m sure smelling the wine helped, too (they’re lightweights!)

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          1. They conveniently forget that blood clots. Animalistic pheromones… now we’re squarely within the realm of A/B/O tropes. It’s evolving, Remy.

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