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Hi! I’m a member of the OWLS supergroup and this will be my first time particpating in a blog tour! This month’s blog tour is about Yuri!!! on Ice. More specifically, the members are to write about “flight.” 

This was the prompt we were given:

“An individual takes flight when there is a goal, a dream, or an ambition that he or she wants to achieve. However, for this blog tour, we are going to look at “flight” in different lenses: the underdog’s dream, the possibilities that Yuri on Ice allows viewers to think about, and also the dangers of greed and ignorance that can influence one’s dream.”

Do check out Arria’s post! It’s an energetic and engaging read! Oh, and look forward to the next post for the blog tour which will be on Rai’s blog! Thanks for reading my post and hopefully you enjoy it!

So I want to talk briefly about the sort of goals and time constraints Victor and Yuri are facing. I also want to elaborate on how the two men suffer from a lack of communication, which puts a damper on their relationship. I believe that all viewers should take notice, try to learn from their experiences, and possibly apply said knowledge to their personal lives.

The main character and namesake of the show, is Yuri, a figure skater who is at the physical prime of his life and career at 24 years old. Since his stamnia and flexibility will only gradually decline from here on out, Yuri (along with booming announcers, nosy reporters, and fellow competitors) unhesitantly acknowledges that this year might be his last.

And after seemingly securing gold in the Grand Prix, Yuri initially does decide to retire. In Yuri’s mind, gracefully retiring is not only a looming inevitability but would also allow Victor, a figure skating champion who is serving as his coach, to return to the figure skating world as a competitor.

Yuri does want to continue skating with Victor as coach and athlete, but he also thinks that he is “slowly killing [Victor] as a competitive skater” if Victor continues to stay off the ice. As a result, Yuri thinks earning one gold medal, in order to prove Victor’s time with him was not for naught, is good enough before he “releases” Victor. That way, Victor can make his figure skating comeback before it is too late.


In Victor’s case, he is three years Yuri’s senior at 27 years old, which is considered to be ancient in the world of competitive figure skating. Despite his age, Victor’s fans and rivals all had hoped that he would continue to compete, yet he “betrayed” all of their expectations by becoming Yuri’s coach.

The viewers eventually learns through Victor’s inner monologue that he had encountered a wall as a figure skater. He had always aimed to surprise everyone by doing the unexpected during his programs. But now that he was a five-time world champion, nothing he did in the rink was surprising anymore. Victor was at a loss and unsure of his next step, so he left the rink. In other words, he took a detour in search of inspiration (and for various other reasons), which ended up with him coaching Yuri.

But gradually Victor’s motive changes from seeking inspiration through Yuri’s skating to wanting to be there by Yuri’s side, guiding and helping him grow. While he continues to claim in front of the press that his decision can wait until after the Grand Prix, Victor is merely putting up a pretense and only chooses to announce his return after Yuri resolves to retire.


So to Victor, Yuri’s decision is selfish. Despite the two of them promising to be together until the end of Yuri’s career, Yuri chooses to retire after the Grand Prix without consulting Victor, thinking that this is for the best of everyone involved. In my eyes, this sequence of events is reminiscent of someone deciding, all by himself, that he is “not worthy” of being with his lover and that he is bringing his lover down. Not only is this sort of development frustrating, but it is also defined by a lack of trust and communication.

This communication breakdown is put on full display whenever Yuri wallows in his insecurities and fear without attempting to reach out to Victor. Yuri does not try to explain how he felt like he was robbing the world of Victor’s talent by keeping Victor as his coach (which is a big reason why Yuri decides to settle for a single gold medal under Victor’s coaching). He never truly lays his heart bare for his coach and expects Victor to understand his thoughts and what he’s going through, as if he expects Victor to be a mind-reader.


So perhaps Victor had a point about Yuri being self-centered. However, Victor is also prone to not communicating with Yuri about his own mindset. Never does he elaborate about how he feels unsure in regards to his future in figure skating and that he feels fulfilled seeing Yuri skate his best. I suppose Victor believes that his actions speak louder than words (he, like Yuri, is a figure skater who speaks with his body, after all) and that his support for Yuri is plain for all to see. To me, however, Victor comes across as being calculating and afraid to show his weakness to Yuri. This way he remains the idol, the goal for Yuri to strive for in his quest for a gold medal.

And once Yuri seems deadset to retire since it seems probable he will secure first place, Victor decides to let Yurio know, which is then followed up by him hugging Yurio. Do you remember what Victor told Yuri when he had to fly back to Japan to check up on his dog?


To Victor, who told Yuri to hug Yakov if he needed assistance, hugging is a cry for help. Therefore, Victor hugging Yurio is also a request for assistance. He wants Yurio to be fired up and overtake Yuri’s score and secure gold. If that happens, then Yuri only gets a silver medal, which means Yuri will feel disappointed with himself, which then means he’ll ask Victor to remain his coach for another year. As a result, Victor does not have to think about his career for a little while. And all of this was done with just a few words and a physical embrace done behind Yuri’s back.


I suppose what I’m trying to say is that people who chase after dreams can be considered selfish under certain circumstances, including those who claim to have their loved ones’ best interests at heart. Be that as it may, communication is key. Not just body language, but verbal communication. Words, words, words are what can help your loved ones understand.

Despite the turbulent relations Victor and Yuri share at times due to a lack of communication, their bond is strong enough to withstand such trials. Hopefully you can learn from their example and chase after your dreams. But don’t forget to actually talk things out with the people around you. If you cannot properly convey your intentions behind your thoughts and actions, you risk causing tons of misunderstandings and drama which should only belong in fiction.

44 thoughts on “A Lack of Communication and Its Implications as Seen in “Yuri!!! on Ice” – OWLS Feburary Blog Tour | Flight

  1. Yeah, I am agreeing with Rose on this one. Those last couple paragraphs really scored in the relatability section. As hard as concise communication is to achieve, we mustn’t forget the joys that interpretation can bring. I mean, its topics like this that allow people to see the same actions under a variety of flashy lights. (But you’re right, communication is hard LOL.) Nice job, Remy! Sorry I was so late!

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    1. No worries, Takuto!

      Mmm I’m glad that the last few paragraphs were relatable. While communication is difficult at times, we really should not neglect it too often, wahaha.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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  2. There are a lot of gadgets nowadays that lets us communicate with people like the smartwatches. It’s refreshing to see that YoI focused more on body communication than relying on social medias (and it was really good that YoI used social media as they intended to be). Anyways, it’s a great post! keep it up!

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    1. Mmm it was good to see all the characters at least trying to talk things out via body language or plain ol’ words. Texting can feel convenient and all, but it’s just not as personal as actual interaction. Social medias should be used carefully like you said.

      Thank you and thanks for dropping by!

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  3. So sorry dear I am late commenting on your post !! What a wonderful topic idea to explore communication in yuri on ice. I don’t think I would have thought that up myself.

    You bring up fine points of Yuri thinking Victor is a mind reader, never relaying back to him at points of what he is thinking and feeling. while watching this show, I could tell Victor taking the brunt of Yuri’s lack of openness and taking a mental effect on him.

    Fantastic post on the importance of communication my dear XD

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    1. No worries! I know you’re super busy.

      Thank you! It was a bit of a stretch but I’m glad it made sense. Yuri is a bit selfish and is hoping for Victor to do all the work, I felt, but we’re all flawed. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it and we can learn from his example when it comes to communication.

      Thanks! c:

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  4. Excellent post, Remy! I agree that lack of communication is an issue, not only between Yuri and Victor, but also from the series to the viewer. There is already a lack of communication (or more specifically, confirmation) about the real status of relationship between the two. But I’m not criticizing it for this. I think it’s very human to feel afraid to open up to someone very important to you because there is a risk that they may not accept you for who you are. But the reward for opening up and being accepted and understood is amazing. I’m glad that Victor called Yuri off and even cried those beautiful tears when Yuri said that they separate/stop after the competition. It’s seems like a very simple scene, but very dramatic. I love it. Great post. Keep up the great work, Remy. I really enjoyed reading this. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you! Good point with the lack of communication between the series and the viewer in regards to their relationship.

      I’ll have to agree with you on both the fears and the rewards associated with opening up to someone. That scene where Victor cried was so moving. I definitely rewatched it a few times.
      Thank you and thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

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      1. You’re welcome and thank you. Oh my gosh. Those tears were so beautiful. I wish I could cry like that. I end up like Rudolph the red-nose reindeer whenever I cry. 😂 Joking aside, keep up the good work. Cheers!

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  5. Just trying to catch up with OWLS post! Great job Remy! I’m quite amused with how you read Viktor’s hug to Yurio as a cry for help. Hmm….good point. I actually didn’t think about it so much. Keep up the good work! (and yes, communication is key…in all types of relationships.)

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  6. The lack of communication was one of the major causes of conflict in Yuri (given the lack of an antagonist). I do like that even Yuri himself realised he couldn’t say what he wanted with words but could only express it on the ice. I think that gave his final performance in the grand prix just that little bit more that we needed given how many times we’d seen the routine up until then.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Mmm. The lack of communication was both frustrating yet relatable which just served to enthrall me. Yuri’s feelings and his desire to show his feelings towards Victor through his performance was probably what made his second program so amazing, I agree.

      Thank you and thank you for dropping by.

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  7. I am digging the direction you took this post Remy! Brilliant ❤ I love how you linked communication and dreams. To often we impede our own dreams and the dreams of others because we are unable or unwilling to discuss our reasons and our thought process. Communication really is key to achieving any goal. I liked how you highlighted that concept within YOI.

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    1. Thanks Kat! Mmm I just felt like that was a topic worth pointing out. You really do need others’ help if you want to be successful and that requires strong communication.

      YOI showcased a lot of meaningful lessons and messages, but let’s hope Yuri and Victor can demonstrate the strength of communication and how it’s so necessary for any goal/dream through example instead of through miscommunication should season two rear its head.

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  8. Awesome essay, Remy! I think this is a very Japanese thing, or at, an anime thing. Besides allowing for some more development to take place, it definitely pulls the audience in too.
    Everyone wants to know what happens next, and how will things be resolved, and will the relationship withstand? It can get super frustrating indeed.
    Not that it’s something completely unrealistic. I do find myself unable to convey what I really want, or my actions not matching my intentions at times. It’s a never ending learning experience, I guess, especially if you have a certain type of personality.
    I haven’t watched this show yet but its level of depth has surely impressed me! Keep up the awesome work ^^

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    1. Thank you! Mmm it does make sense if you consider it through a plot perspective. Still a bit frustrating, though, I agree!
      Mmm…I definitely struggle with that, too, so we can’t really fault breakdowns in communication as bring unrealistic. Are you one with such a personality?
      I think it’s a great show but the amount of hype has created a bit of backlash at this point. Still worth a watch, though.
      Thank you once again!


      1. Oh yeah, I definitely struggle a lot hahaha It’s like I’m speaking an entirely different language. I can be a pretty quiet person as well, so people take it the wrong way all the time. It’s hard!
        But like I said, life is about learning to overcome (in this case, personal) obstacles, after all 😊 So I try my best and take it one day at a time. No need to stress over it.
        What about you? Do you get misunderstood a lot?

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        1. I can definitely relate to your experiences. Quiet people have it rough!

          My verbal communication skills are extremely underleveled if we were talk about this in video game lingo, haha. Words are easier but even then I struggle to convey my thoughts correctly. This leads to confusion, misunderstanding, and repetition of words or sentences.

          But yes, it’s a process and we shouldn’t stress about it too much~


  9. Excellent post Remy! Miscommunication is a huge obstacle to people. I know I have to deal with it everyday. I really like how you mentioned it and applied it for Yuri and Viktor. Maybe communication, according to them, is better displayed in action, not words.

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  10. Great post, and a different take from the YoI articles I’ve seen so far. Communication is a pain and it doesn’t help that each interpersonal relationship requires its own form of it. As if talking isn’t complicated enough already. I think we’ve all had our share of issues with this, a fact well-reflected in all kinds of fictional stories.

    In other news, I’ll start Yuri on Ice tonight because I want to read the rest of the OWLS posts with some familiarity with the series. I’d have watched it eventually anyway but this tour is kinda like a kick to the butt to get on with it.

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  11. Nice article!
    While the significance of Victor hugging Yurio near the end was clear to me on a global scale, I hadn’t picked up or internally placed it in those terms and I see this as a commendable effort to link together his stance and his actions. In general, I felt that their relationship was indeed plagued by communication issues and it’s nice to see someone picking that up and expanding on it.

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    1. Thanks, Aezreal!

      Mmm I was a bit anxious to comment on their relationship, but even the best OTPs have their issues and I felt like I needed to say something about their communication problems. Thanks for dropping by!

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  12. Great post, Remy! I really liked the last two paragraphs in particular because I felt that I could relate to them in my own life. I think miscommunication is something most people (if not everybody) can relate to at some point in their lives. ^_^

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