Gabriel DropOut Episode 5 Review – “The Angel Whose Illusions Were Shattered Like Hell”

Gabriel’s junior from Angel School has arrived!

(Spoilers in this review

Tapris, an angel who was a year younger than Raphiel and Gabriel, came down to Earth in order to visit Gabriel out of lonelines. However, she’s dismayed to find out that her beloved Gabriel-senpai became someone with a crude mouth and games late into the night and convinces herself that Gabriel’s fall was due to a devil’s meddling.

As a result, Raphiel manipulates the situation and watches Satania brag that Gabriel is under her control (which is a complete lie). Tapris challenges Satania to determine who “owns” Gabriel, but it ends with Tapris losing said challenge and running off.

Vigne ends up helping Tapris, who ends up considering Vigne to be an angel (really milking this angelic demons vs depraved angels gag). She’s nervous once she finds out that Vigne is actually a demon, but it seems like she still likes Vigne enough to go on a tea date with her later. Good for you, Vigne.

Gabriel ends up taking Tapris home where Gabriel demonstrates that she’s a gamer addict, that she still can kind of look after others, and that she’s a lazy bum. In that order.

Thoughts on this episode:

  • I really wonder what they’re teaching angels at Angel School. Tapris originally thought the air down in Earth is poisonous. And we already know how Gabriel and Raphiel are (was Raphiel always like this and was hiding her inner sadist / obsession with entertainment while she was in heaven? Or did something happen to her when she started living among humans?)
  • Tapris, despite being disllusioned with how Gabriel currently lives, still seems attracted to her. And she basically developed a bit of a crush on Vigne, too (perhaps she wanted another saintly, innocent senpai to replace Gabriel). At any rate, I think introducing Tapris keeps things interesting since she’s even more out of the loop than Satania.
  • Still, no overarching plot in sight. I’m pretty confident this show will remain one viewers strictly watch for laughs. Gabriel DropOut does a decent job at that, at least.
  • I’m a bit curious as to why everyone is so attached to Gabriel. Vigne continues to look after her, Raphiel nonchalantly mentions that she finds Gabriel cute as a prim and proper girl or as a slovenly gamer girl, Satania seems obsessed with beating Gabriel (and is prone to take embarassing and erotic photos of Gabriel). Tapris is no different. All I see is an disinterested gamer who treats everyone poorly. She’s rather lucky they’re sticking around, you know? Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this.
  • Perhaps Satania will take more of an interest in Tapris (if she sticks around – after all, Tapris was just visiting) because she’s the only angel that Satania has managed to defeat (excluding the cream puff incident).


9 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 5 Review – “The Angel Whose Illusions Were Shattered Like Hell”

  1. “Tapris is no different”

    Precisely my beef with this episode. I don’t see the merit in throwing her in as an additional character, given she plays the straight-man role that Vigne does, and her even-leveledness in terms of stupidity is at par with Satania. She’s a very redundant character at this point, and they failed to capitalize on anything new she could through on the table.

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    1. Mmm you bring up good points. A common tactic authors seem to like doing is throwing in additional characters when the plot is at a standstill. It is possibly a bad move in many situations and it makes less sense when the show in question is a slice-of-life. Well, it could work, but not if the new character is like this. Hopefully Tapris branches out or else she really would have been a meaningless add-on…


  2. You make a good point about people hanging around Gabriel despite her lack of many redeeming qualities.

    Main character advantage? The yuri version of a standard harem protag but with more personality.

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