Long Riders! Episode 11 Review – “The Moment the City Comes Alive”

We’re back, folks! Long Riders! has returned! Ami goes on her first night ride in this episode!

(Spoilers in this review

The episode opens with Ami sharing pics of the group race she and teammates entered. It turns out her classmate really wants to get into cycling, too. Too bad she doesn’t manage to bring it up with Ami.

While everyone is eating together, Yayoi suggests that they should organize a night ride. Riding in the dark sounds easier than a practice ride (for one of those long team races), so Ami happily agrees. However, it turns out the night ride has the riders bike overnight (an all-nighter for the sake of biking!) and that they plan to cover 100 km. Ami’s faith in Yayoi was misguided!

The rest of the episode features Ami experiencing the thrills and potential dangers of a night ride. She still has a great time and grows to love cycling even more.

Thoughts on this episode:

  • I wasn’t aware Aoi had such a fragile glass heart. She remained depressed over how she was called a nuisance for hours. Still, it was really sweet how she looks after Ami once she learns that the battery for the little flashlight on Ami’s helment had died.
  • To be honest, I really missed Saki these last few weeks, so I’m glad the wait is over. Man, she’s like the closest to being a supporting character out of the fifth girls (Yayoi is debatable), but I just find her intruiging.
  • An episode just doesn’t feel right with Ami’s imouto or Ami’s hot mother not making an appearance. Oh, well.
  • I think this episode was a good representation of the show as a whole thus far. Ami (and the viewers) learn about bikes, Ami falls for her senpai’s tricks and lies. The bike club does some biking together. While Ami experiences some setbacks, she only falls more and more in love with cycling.
  • In other words, the show has slow pacing but things are definitely moving.I’m really wondering what they’ll make Ami’s classmate (the one who’s interested in cycling) do in the last episode. Confess her undying love for Ami?  Just kidding!
  • I would try to do the episode review for episode 12, but I’m exhausted. That’ll come out tomorrow!



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