Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 6 Review – “Raid! The Super SF Plan”

Probably one of the more amusing swimsuit episodes I’ve seen in recent times.

(Spoilers in this review

After an O’bli is detected, Altair Torte is sent to a place that’s very scenic. However, the team is unable to locate the enemy and decides to give up. They also end up getting permission to have some fun before heading back home.

Satoka accidentially drops her currypan, which ends up rolling down a hill, getting launched into the air, and attracting a huge fish that was actually hidden in the lake. It turns out that big fish is an O’bli! And then somehow Mana, who was fishing, ends up being dragged across the lake’s surface after the O’bli took her bait.

Coconut Vega then arrives and saves Mana (and loses their battleship in the process). Afterwards, the two teams decide to brainstorm a plan to defeat the enemy. Beautiful Detective-Assistant Satoka proposes that they use currypan as bait again since the O’bli seems to like it. The plan is difficult for Satoka to swallow (since she’s a fanatic for the delicacy), but they do end up using it once Coconut Vega pushed the O’bli into the proper position by attacking from 3 sides at once. Somehow they manage to beat the fish and drag it ashore – that much isn’t shown on-screen.

After the ED, a mysterious figure (presumedly a student) walks up and looks at the picture of Altair Torte standing in front of the big fish O’bli. Said photo was taken so none of the members would ever forget this event, yet somehow everyone fades away from the photo aside from Tsubame, the girl who has amnesia. We get more questions and no answers every week.

Thoughts on this episode:

  • These girls have it so bad for one another and it’s great.
  • The show sure is fond of fanservice, though. Every episode features at least one shower scene (that happened in the beginning of the episode for this week) and this particular episode ramped it up with the swimsuits.
  • So why did I consider this episode to be amusing? Well, the characters just kept breaking the fourth wall by being self-aware of the logic gaps that were appearing in the show. In hindsight, this was a natural path for Schoolgirl Strikers to take since the show seems a little desperate to make viewers laugh, but I wasn’t really prepared!
  • Several instances of off-model characters. Someone in particular kind of has a back that forsakens the very notion of curves in order to go straight down to her butt.
  • However, being slightly entertaining is all that this episode really accomplished aside from giving us the omnious ending we’ve come to expect after the ED. All I really learned is that I need to stop thinking when I watch this show and expect them to try really hard to fish for laughs. Sometimes the studio will get their gags right, even.
  • Maybe they’ll stop tiptoeing around Tsubame’s amnesia soon. The last scene after the ED gives me hope.



6 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 6 Review – “Raid! The Super SF Plan”

  1. This is my favorite episode so far. I really enjoyed it. The anime is started to have a set pattern and theme- battles combined with silliness and laughs. I think it is actually a really good take on cute girls doing cute things. I hope the series continues this pattern, but also adds some more character development.

    I agree that you need to stop thinking. It isn’t a very deep series; it is more for the laughs :3

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    1. It was definitely the funniest episode by far. But yes, the show seems set on this pattern until they elaborate on Tsubame’s amnesia situation. Right now everything is pretty light-hearted but maybe that could change quite suddenly if the scientist teacher continues her activities. I’m not sure if that’ll be welcomed, but I do agree that more character development would be nice.

      Mmm, I think you’re right. Nothing wrong with a show featuring cute girls being funny, cute, and cool. It’s pretty good destressing material! c:


      1. Satoka, the girl who denies their relationship, is the rumored Beautiful Detective who solves various rumors and mysteries throughout the school.

        But she’s too lazy to actively search for details or clues (she’s doing this out of curiosity and not because she’s particularly motivated) so she relies on Ako, who works for the school newspaper, to give her scoops and details.

        In other words, Ako gives Satoka information and Satoka tries to solve and explain the various cases to Ako for her to have stories to publish in the newspaper, so I guess it kind of is a give-and-take relationship!

        …obscene has the secondary definition of being offensive to moral principles, which is a bit of a stretch. Calling their interesting relationship obscene is what’s actually obscene, isn’t it? Still got a rise out of the stoic big eater which is a win-win in my book, though.

        Hope that helps!

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