Gabriel DropOut Episode 6 Review – “Satania’s Counterattack”

Here to steal the spotlight (and our hearts) is Satania, the lovable failure of a demon! It’s an episode focused on her attempts to defeat Gabriel once and for all!

(Spoilers in this review

According to the way I see it, this episode was split into four different sections. Satania tries to outdo Gabriel in (most of) the sections and… it doesn’t really bode well for the poor demon. She does manage to avoid being the big sucker in a single section, but that’s still one in four and she doesn’t actually triumph over Gabriel in any instance.

The first part shows Satania purchase a gun that comes with special bullets. Should the bullets pierce a target, they will not be able to stop laughing for 10 minutes. Satania actually had Gabriel at the robes and forced Gabriel to say she surrenders – only for Satania’s stupidity to murk up her victory and caused her to be the one who got shot. And then she gets punished for laughing out loud in class. Ouch.

The second scene has Gabriel and Satania face off in shogi. Satania doesn’t actually know the rules, but thanks to Raphiel’s manipulation, she challenges Gabriel (and to Gabriel’s credit, she did point out to Satania that she shouldn’t be playing Shogi if she doesn’t know the rules).

The following “game” would make Rei from Sangatsu no Lion weep bitter tears. This, too, ends in Satania’s defeat due to the cruel angels teaming up.

The third segment depicted Satania trying to sketch the Class Representative (we still don’t know her name) for an in-class assignment. The Class Rep tries her best to help Satania, but her effort was all for naught in the end since Satania sucks at drawing.

The final segment has Vigne, Raphiel, and Satania visit Gabriel’s house for Halloween. While Satania searches Gabriel’s place for treats, Raphiel and Vigne force Gabriel into a cute “werecat” costume. With Satania leading the way, the girls visit the scary and strict teacher (who was actually prepared for trick-or-treaters! Imagine that). Of course, Satania loses again, even when the teacher handed her some high-quality melon pan, due to the timely interference of the dog.

Thoughts on this Episode:

  • Tapris seems to have left the show for now, which is probably ideal since she didn’t really contribute much. Instead, the token human character who was introduced in episode two, Class B’s Class Rep, returns and is left at the mercy of Satania.
  • Gabriel was slightly considerate a single time in this entire episode. Gotta start with baby steps, I guess.
  • Vigne brought up how Gabriel is almost not an angel anymore and advised her to be cautious. That made me think that it is possible Gabriel will have to reform her ways unless she wants to truly fall from grace. Something similiar to this effect was mentioned in a throwaway comment and Gabriel panicked slightly before growing seemingly indifferent to the possibility.
  • I feel like this episode wasn’t really needed considering how most viewers are already smitten with Satania and Satania is basically doomed to never triumph against Gabriel.


4 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 6 Review – “Satania’s Counterattack”

    1. Some Stars Wars nonsense happening here where the dark side loses to the forces of light every time! Just kidding.

      Yeah…she’s also asking for it at times since Gabriel is sometimes just trying to chill. Then again, I think either girl will take the chance to show up the other so neither is truly innocent.

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