Urara Meirochou Episode 8 Review – “Forbidden Things are Sometimes Totally Naked!”

More of the usual fanservice in this episode, but there was also some actual drama. Not bad, Urara Meirochou.

(Spoilers in this review

So the episode departs from the usual format in how there’s no real first half and second half. Instead, the episode is centered around the girls having fun in a natural spring as well as the events that happen there.

Nina-sensei and Koume admiring the swimsuits Koume picked out for everyone else.
Two for two, Koume.
And of course Kon gets a maid-themed swimsuit designed by Koume. It’s perfect!
Chiya is scared of scissors so it (kinda) makes sense that she’s scared of crabs?
The three girls realizing that Koume probably should cut back on the sweets.
Saku and her two fangirls checking the springs for riffraff!

Fortunately, the episode isn’t just Kon, Chiya, Nono, and Koume fooling around for 20 minutes. Kon admits that she’s always wanted to do a spring séance, an activity that allows two compatiable Uraras to share their power.

The adult is knocked out, by the way.
Kon never had anyone to do things with, so she has a huge bucketlist.
Apparently doing a spring séance is forbidden, so the others misunderstand.
Kon explaining the proper procedure for a spring séance.

Kon ends up doing a spring séance with Chiya. And it seems to work – but it also causes the two girls to see these weird entities which causes Kon to freak out.

Kon still shook.
Chiya is worried for the star pupil, who’s still lost in thought.

After having a nightmare about the things she saw in the springs turning into Chiya and claiming to take what she holds dear, Kon wakes up in a panic. Chiya, who was awake, invites Kon to a talk out on the rooftop.

*poke poke poke*

Kon admits that she’s been scared that she broke the one taboo Uraras must avoid, which is using divination to See gods or peer into their natures, because she performed a spring séance with Chiya. After all, a spring séance is a form of divination and Kon believes that the things she saw over at the springs were gods. As a result, she’s worried that she has lost her eligibility to be an Urara.

Sorry, Chiya, my explanation kind of sucked.
Foxy foxgirl sheds bitter tears after first time with doggirl!
Chiya was pretty aggressive in her attempts to make Kon feel better in this episode.
I mean, who doesn’t ship this?

I know my pictures kind of poke fun at the situation, but I was genuinely distraught watching this episode. From the beginning, it has been apparent that Kon has always, always wanted to be an Urara. She has been studying for years and works the hardest out of all of the girls. For her to potentially have her dream stolen because of a small act would have been tragic.

Of course, that doesn’t actually happen (after all, this is Urara Meirochou). Still, I found myself wondering how the series would have gone if Kon was no longer an Urara.

Chiya proposing promising to stay by Kon’s side no matter what.
Chiya also doesn’t know if she can keep her promises, but Kon still feels better.
That’s not the kind of face you make towards your friends!
Chiya believes their bellies will convince the gods to return Kon’s power.
Unlike in episode 2, Nono and Koume woke up and joined the two.
Time for a midnight snack?

Koume and Nono join Chiya and Kon. Nono and Koume are both slightly disappointed that Kon didn’t voice her concerns earlier. Well, I mean, sometimes friends have trouble talking about stuff and sometimes friends don’t really do much. But this doesn’t apply to Chiya, Koume, and Nono!

Koume and Nono also brought a kokkuri board, Kon’s specialty.
If it works out, then Kon’s still an Urara.
She’s still in it!
Chiya celebrates like the good friend she is.
Kon’s happy tears are delicious!
“So if those weren’t gods, maybe you two saw ghosts?” – Koume

Now back inside, Chiya and Kon realize that they don’t know those things they saw were, but Chiya decides that it’s better they don’t know. After all, they could always find out tomorrow or in the future. The episode ends with the four girls eating their little midnight snack, talking about being friends, and howling at the moon.

The girls were rockin’ so many alternative hairstyle this episode.
I have to admit, I didn’t know Nono had so long hair.
We howlin’!
And the happy honor student joins in!


3 thoughts on “Urara Meirochou Episode 8 Review – “Forbidden Things are Sometimes Totally Naked!”

  1. I ship it!
    And I don’t even know/care about these girls. Still, they cute together.

    The mystery remains though; what are the glowing jellythings? If those are what gods look like, I’m going to laugh to death.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeaaah
      Mmm. Feels like Nono is destined to be forever alone at this rate, though.
      I really wonder, too. I’ll stick with ghosts for now? Probably something that won’t be addressed in the following episodes though.

      Liked by 1 person

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