Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 8 Review – “New Dragon, Elma! (She’s Finally Appearing, Huh?)”

One more dragon coming up! Kobayashi and Tohru also have a heart-to-heart talk this week.

(Spoilers in this review

The first part of the episode has Tohru and Kobayashi fighting to decide who gets to pack Kanna’s bento (since the adorable and petite dragon is going on a field trip). As a result, the two compete against each other as if they were contestants in Shokugeki no Soma.

The match is close, but ultimately Kobayashi wins the set 2-1. Faf-kun and Lucoa take note that this small fight is only possible because Kobayashi and Tohru are close to each other. In response to their questioning, Kobayashi declares that they can still be friends even though one of them technically serves the other. For our dead-fish-eyes-protagonist, that was a pretty straightforward and nice thing to say.

The first dish they’re to make: a salad!
Kobayashi wins with her two cherry tomatoes because Tohru made too much salad.
The second dish: a meat course! Hamburger vs bacon and eggs! Tohru wins this round!
Faf-kun getting upset that Kobayashi considers herself equals with Tohru.
Kobayashi is actually enjoying this little contest.
Strange dessert vs fruit jelly cups.
Since Tohru got that from the other world, she’s disqualified.
A challenger is approaching!

The rest of the episode introduces us to a new character, Elma. Because Tohru traveled to the other world to grab a kissing-plant-thing, Elma was able to enter into our world through this new portal.

Elma is making a pretty late appearance (which seems to be the standard procedure in most slice-of-life shows, to be honest) at episode 8. But you know what? I really, really like Elma a lot. The way she’s earnest and diligent really won me over.

It turns out that Elma and Tohru do not get along with each other because they belong to different factions. Elma is with the harmony faction, which desires law and order, whereas Tohru is with the chaos faction, which yearns for havoc and destruction. D-doesn’t that mean Tohru is a villain? Seems like Faf-kun is also in the chaos faction by extension due to his gung-ho attitude in regards to killing humans.

Elma’s entrance!
Kanna beaming from Kobayashi’s praise.
Her stomach growled while she was issuing a challenge to Tohru.
“Take it outside, you two!”

Tohru ends up tricking Elma and sends her to a different continent (the same grassy plains Tohru, Kobayashi, and Kanna visited back in episode 2). Nevertheless, Elma barges back in the following day, determined to bring Tohru back into the other world even though Tohru is insistent on staying here.

However, Elma is still hungry, so Tohru uses that to her advantage and convinces her to leave by offering her a bag of cream-filled bread.

“It’s delicious!”
Tohru is a cunning dragon.
Shouta the shota getting smothered by Lucoa as he sleeps.

The next part of the episode has Elma transfer into Kobayashi’s work place as a new employee. She probably did so with the help of magic! I’m not sure this was a smart move on her part since she initially doesn’t know anything about computers, but Kobayashi helps her learn.

It turns out that Elma is stuck in this world because she lacks the ability to open up portals to cross worlds. Different dragons have different skillsets, it seems. That explains why she’s working, but I’m still wondering why she chose this particular job. Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

Hnnngh, black hair with purple highlights is my jam.
Kobayahis-senpai showing the newbie the ropes.
Tohru smelling Elma’s scent on Kobayashi and fearing she’s started an office romance.
Another intermision where Shouta gets lost in the marshmellow zone..

Kobayashi and Elma thus start getting along pretty well, which leads Tohru to become insanely jealous. As a result, Tohru sort of reverts to how she was back in episode 1 in an desperate attempt to get Kobayashi to give her attention. That would entail destroying furniture with her powers and trying to feed Kobayashi her tail. All of this happens during Kobayashi’s day off, too. She just wants to take it easy!

Oh, Tohru…
Here is sleepy Kanna.
Oh, Tohru!
Here is hungry Kanna. We gotta meet a quota of cute Kanna scenes, after all.
Kobayashi, Tohru’s tail is usually poking out. Why lift her skirt?

Kobayashi confronts Tohru about her behavior. The dragon maid is disappointed that Kobayashi doesn’t immediately understand the reasoning behind her actions, but at least Kobayashi is making an effort, right?

Unfortunately for Tohru, Elma swings by and hands Kobayashi a good luck charm as thanks for helping her during work. And somehow Elma seems to have forgotten how to wear clothes… At any rate, Tohru gets jealous again (which Kobayashi notices) and fires an energy beam at poor Elma, which sends the dragon office lady blasting off like she was an honorary member of Team Rocket.

She’s so upstanding! But the way she’s wearing her blazer, though…
If Kobayashi didn’t dodge in time, she would have died!

Afterwards, Tohru admits that she’s selfish and that she’s trying to hold herself back from being too needy. However, Tohru also claims that Kobayashi is being mean and isn’t giving her enough attention even though she works so hard. In response, Kobayashi readily confesses that she’s not really used to being chased. She’s had friends before, but none of them were really close friends (and at this point, I imagine that Tohru is at least a little happy since that means Kobayashi doesn’t consider Takiya, her male co-worker, to be a close friend). In short, Kobayashi is not sure how to handle this situation.

Nevertheless, she tenderly pats Tohru’s head, saying that she can’t be any clearer than this and that Tohru should take the hint. Upon hearing those words, Tohru tears up and says she’ll try to read in-between the lines more.

I really enjoyed this scene because these two characters communicated. Sure, Tohru was a bit unreasonable by expecting Kobayashi to automatically understand the motivations regarding her abnormal behavior and Kobayashi has been sending Tohru mixed signals for 8 episodes. But they’re trying. They’re both confused and unsure, but they’re trying to talk among themselves in order to understand each and to make things work. You can’t help but feel great about this!

Well, you currently are friends with two dragons who really like you (in different ways).
Tohru is a bit taller than Kobayashi, but it’s still great.
Elma didn’t even do anything wrong, though.
Shouta imagining he’s facing a sumo wrestler while punching balloon boobs in his sleep.

I have to say that this episode was rather enjoyable. The show finally addresses some concerns regarding Kobayashi’s treatment of Tohru while introducing a new character relatively successively (and without completely neglecting the other characters). We really could have done without the short scenes showing Shouta and Lucoa, but at least it was kept to a minimum for this episode.

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