Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club Episode 9 Review – “A Challenge from Mr. Bear!”

The Cycling Club goes orienteering and they run into Mr. Bear! That’s about it!

(Spoilers in this review

I think orienteering is a popular activity for all girls’ schools. You know, when people go from destination to destination so they can get their cards stamped. Source: me.

But really, it seems to pop up a lot in these kinds of shows. Even a yuri visual novel featured this type of event. Ah, it looks like a lot of fun…

At any rate, Mr. Bear ends up ambushing the girls in order to challenge Hiromi to a 1v1 race. Losing to Hiromi during the night race was just too much to bear for Mr. Bear. As a result, Hiromi and Mr. Bear start racing up a hill, but Hiromi decides this race is beary silly and convinces Mr. Bear to stop trying to compete with her so they can enjoy the sights.

It turns out Mr. Bear was actually Sandy McDougal, an American girl who moved to Japan out of her love for anime and manga. She’s basically us except she achieved the dream. Doesn’t stop her from peppering in English words and phrases throughout her speech, though.

Sandy is accepted as a provisional member of the Cycling Club, yay. Cue scenes depicting all five girls roaming from place to place to get their cards stamped.

The last destination for the girls was this huge tower, but by then Fuyune’s legs have started hurting. While she and Nagisa have a bit of a heart-to-heart (Nagisa admits to meeting Fuyune’s older sister and that she’ll stay by Fuyune’s side as she takes a lot of pictures. That’s almost like a proposal, wow), Hiromi and Sandy ride Korone’s henchmen’s horse.

The end of the episode has the girls riding their bikes around Kamakura after receiving persmission to do so as long as they return to school by 5 o’clock.

As for the AOP segment at the end of the episode, we get to see two idols bike all the way to see a large Buddaha statue (the same one that the girls visited during the show). M-maybe the old man got tired of speaking to idol-seiyuu who have to play up the cuteness factor.

Stairs: Fuyune’s worst enemy.
“1v1 me, bro. Fox only, Final Destination, no items, 4 stocks.”
Two simple girls enjoying the scenery.
Oh, didn’t notice that three out of the five girls are wearing bicycle shorts until now…
“I’m the woman you women could smell like.”
Athletic tomboy x frail rich girl?! I appreciate this ship very much.
Nagisa even matched her pace up with that of Fuyune’s!
And the adventure continues…until five pm.
She looks beary happy.

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