Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu Episode 10 Review – “Let’s Go On a Trip!”

Sounds good! Your first trip after 10 episodes! Wow!

(Spoilers in this review

Not much to really say about this episode. It’s almost approaching Nyanko Days‘ level of straightforwardness, really.

  • Hiromi receives an actual bike made out of the leftover parts for free.
  • The girls decide to travel to Miura Peninsual as their first field trip and Shiki-sensei shows them how to fold up their bikes.
  • We get to see the girls interact with their families / lovers. Yeah, I ship Sandy and Hiromi, okay? Fight me.
  • During the trip, the girls get to practice trains as well as learn about proper procedures in regards to riding downhills and riding through tunnels.
  • While Sandy, Hiromi, and Fuyune are knocked out (after drinking some Sherpa tea. A sweet black tea made with wild grapes sounds so yummy), Shiki-sensei ditches them. Apparently she thinks it’ll be boring if she’s watching over them this entire time and wants them to try things out by themselves. Kind of irresponsible of her, but also kind of cool!
  • Hiromi urges the other girls forward, as usual.
  • The real-action segment has the two idols/seiyuu visiting some Italian-styled cafe in Japan. The food looks really delicious!
Hiromi’s new bike (made with leftover parts)
Nagisa convincing bikers to give up spare parts with her womanly charms. Check out her S-curve! That’s no normal high school girl!
To the Miura Peninsula!
Skype call with Onee-san.
Yo, Natsuki, your parents are super terse.
Imouto asking to help Tomoe wipe down her bike.
Intruder alert! Now that Sandy is here, Hiromi can play with something else besides the handlebars she brought.. into the bathtub…
Hiromi’s family is pretty prepared! Being able to entertain a sudden guest at such short notice…
The gang is all here.
The glitter ocean!
Pretty backgrounds as usual.
More glitter ocean.
Birds of a feather!
And another one joins their ranks of the sleepyheads.
Hiromi: “Let’s move forward. Our bikes can’t go in reverse, anyways!” Oh, you.
Italy knows how to make some good sweets!
Wow, I can feel my blood sugar spiking just from watching them eat this.
That’s the Amalfi Caffe, folks!
Ehhh it’s the announcer girl from the night race and two others…?
Shiki-sensei sure has a biker’s body c:

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