Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 10 Review – “Arrived! The Lone Knight”

This week’s episode is all about the best girl, Odile. Yay!

(Spoilers in this review

The episode opens with most of the girls from Fifth Force watching Odile strut around in a video. She declares she’ll be stealing their crystal thing in 3 days before her video camera runs out of battery.

Her mask also looked a bit too small for her head.

The girls all acknowledge her strength and wonder if even Biscuit Sirius can even handle her. You know, we haven’t really seen Biscuit Sirius do much at all. That’s probably what happens to the strongest team, I guess. They’re all too busy saving the world so it’s up to the weaker teams to handle these sort of things.

Oh, it turns out that Tierra-sensei found the flashdrive containing the video on her desk three days ago. So that means Odile is striking tonight! I’m pretty confident that Tierra-sensei is incompetent and might even be actively trying to hamper Fifth Force. What an useless adult.

An useless adult who is in denial over her age, it seems.

As the night approaches midnight, Biscuit Sirius is nowhere to be found (they’re probably fighting O’blis) and Coconut Vega have their hands full with this O’bli that causes deafning noise (and shatters glass everywhere). Odile the drops down and beats up the O’bli because it’s too loud. Unfortunately for Odile, however, she took too long and the time is no longer midnight. After Coconut Vega thanks Odile, she claims that she wasn’t trying to help them and then she runs away.


The following day has Odile lamenting about how she couldn’t appear to steal the crystal at midnight and that means she lied to Fifth Force. Hina (the second oldest Origami sister) swings by and check in on Odile after she murmurs that the Fifth Force doesn’t seem to be misusing the crystal’s powers.

Odile freaking out inside the gym equipment shed.

Later on, Coconut Vega talks about Odile with Altair Torte. It turns out the silent and boyish girl can sort of read into Odile’s mindset and hypothesizes that she doesn’t really want to steal the crystal. She just doesn’t have any other choice!

Surprise the other girls didn’t notice Sachiko acting strange in the background.

The girls figure out who Odile is: she’s Tanaka Sachiko from Yuumi’s class. And as expected of a girl with such a plain last name, she’s really good at avoiding conversation and she doesn’t reallys tand out.

As a result, they turn and ask Hina to get close to her (in return, she gets to eat some katsudon for free). However, Hina felt moved about Odile’s backstory (which Hina promises to not tell the others) and how Odile has always been fighting alone. As a result, Hina  decides to join Odile.

Hina sure is a nice girl.

So…the only ones actually guarding the crystal is the weakest team, Altair Torte. Everyone else just didn’t pay any attention to the memo, I guess.

Odile has been watching too much Detective Conan.

Odile shows up and claims  that she could have stolen the crystals at any time, but she left a note in advance in order to convince herself that what she was doing wouldn’t be considering stealing. In other words, she doesn’t really want to steal the crystals.

The weakest squad up against the one-woman army.

After that confession, Odile basically stomps on Altair Torte, but she is definitely taking it easy on Mana. Meanwhile, the useless teacher wakes up from her nap, sees Odile fighting AT, and tries to call for back-up. However, Hina swoops in and basically holds her at gunpoint. The Hina x Odile ship is strong.


However, Odile throws the fight again and leaves, hoping that someday things will change. I can’t get a proper read on this girl, really.

Code Geass flashbacks for me right here.

The episode ends with the girls trying to befriend Sachiko in class while Morgana just watches from afar. And then there’s a brief shot of this monster just chilling in a blizzard.


2 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 10 Review – “Arrived! The Lone Knight”

  1. I kept reading Odile as Oldie. Oops.

    Anime logic where weak teams are left to do important shit because that’s the way drama lies. At least we get shipping vibes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it’s a funky name…

      Mmm. I mean, I couldn’t have realistically expected more from Schoolgirl Strikers since they’re sticking to the book quite judiciously, but I still felt a bit let down.

      Shipping vibes give me life.

      Liked by 1 person

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