Gabriel DropOut Episode 10 Review – “The Angels and Demons Return Home”

We see the girls chill in Heaven / Hell.

(Spoilers in this review


At this point, the show is basicallly yelling, “GAGS UNTIL I DIE. CHARACTERIZATION IS MEANINGLESS.” And that’s fine. I guess we’ve gotten spoiled by other slice-of-life shows which offer thoughtful aesops and messages.

How else can I explain how I feel disappointed with each episode of Gabriel DropOut even though the gags are not bad? My standards were too high and Gabriel DropOut merely failed to reach my expectations since it’s just a show people watch for laughs.

The episode ends with Gabriel and Raphiel planning to help Satania break into Heaven. Perhaps the two angels are simply too bored and miss their demon friend.

Gabriel’s imouto, Helnia, getting her onee-chan to play horsey with her. She actually ends up getting Gab-onee-chan to play with her for quite some time.
Satania’s mother and father are basically older versions of Satania.
Satania’s brother can’t wait to leave the household. 
A year ago, Vigne found an injured monster and named the pet Chappy.
Now Chappy is a force to reckon with whereas Satania’s familiar can’t hold a candle.
We find out that Raphiel can actually be angry when she flashes her trademark smile at someone.
It turns out Martiel, Raphiel’s family butler (?), is a masochist who enjoys having Raphiel look down on her.
She’s also a pervert who tries to spy on Raphiel’s bathing time.
The two angels have returned to report to Colonel Sanders!
Colonel Sanders believes Gabriel’s story about saving (video game) countries!
Raphiel: “Are you kidding me?”
The girls try to have a staring contest out of boredom.
I have to admit: Gabriel is pretty good at making funny faces.
What a face!
However, it seems that Raphiel is simply better at making funny faces. Too bad we can’t get even a single shot of her attempts.
The two angels decide to help Satania sneak into heaven!

4 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 10 Review – “The Angels and Demons Return Home”

    1. They do catch your eye. It was amusing seeing Satania Papa and Satania Mama act just like Satania, too.

      She is really cute. Ahhh at least the show has cute characters. It is hard to demonstrate this via text, but that was a forlorn sigh.

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