Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 10 Review – “Troupe Dragon, On Stage! (They Had A Troupe Name, Huh)”

A Christmas episode!

(Spoilers in this episode)

Tohru decides to help entertain some senior citizens because the person who was supposed to keep them amused hurt his leg. Kobayashi can’t help due to work, so it’s up to the dragons and the children to plan this out!

Elma suggests an all-you-can-eat event, Kanna recommends a running event, and Faf-kun brings up a gaming event. Riko, however, suggests that they all do a play and pushes for “The Matchstick Girl.” You know, the story about the girl who died in the snow while trying to sell matches.

Since the dragons think the story is boring, they decide to spice it up by introducing the legend of “Kasajizou” (from what I can tell, that’s a story about an old man selling hats), the 47 Ronin (where masterless samurai avenge their dead master), and a dragon. Faf-kun also advocates adding a magical girl into the story.

The play was chaotic yet entertaining. Kobayashi refrains from jumping in and stopping them from doing dangerous things like lighting an actual fire or using their magical abilities and is content to trust them. At least no one was hurt and the elderly were all entertained!

Everyone celebrates at Kobayashi’s house and then they all head home to celebrate at their own homes. Kobayashi and Tohru go for a nighttime ride and they exchange gifts. It even starts snowing! It’s a white Christmas!

A few minor things I wanted to talk about: Faf-kun and Lucoa talked about looking over Tohru and it really made think the two of them as parental figures for Tohru. Or maybe like older siblings. It’s nice that they care about her like that since Tohru is like an older sister to Kanna. What goes around comes around!

Elma’s character was exaggerated into being a glutton. It’s endearing to see a girl become so happy from eating, though. And at least she’s no longer just being comic relief and avoided being overshadowed by the other strong personalities (in my opinion).

…Did the signs surrounding Kanna’s makeshift chimney remind you of the kind of signs you’d see in a redlight district? Oh, dear.

All in all, it was a cute episode!

“Let’s do a VR FPS FFA event.”
Elma imagines what they mean by the phrase, “stage play.”
“I’m the director now.”
Lucoa has Shouta dress as a girl. It’s remarkably effective.
Faf-kun studies up on the story.
Was there ever any real doubt as to who could play the leading role?
Kobayashi acting like a real parent here.
Santa – the old man coated in blood. Beelzebub did the same joke in the manga, too.
If Kanna can get presents, then a little house rennovation is no biggie!
Elma ends up becoming the director in the end. They decide to spice up the story.
Here is cute dragon girl acting sad.
They burn the hat and end up summoning an evil overlord.
Kanna and Shouta both become magical girls! But there’s only one magic wand!
The arrival of a magical fairy prevents their duel to the death!
Elma plays the role of the revenge-bent ronin.
It turns out that Tohru, the one who killed Elma’s master, is a dragon mage (aka lizard wizard)!
Kanna the magical girl saves the day! Standing behind her is a crossdresser called Shouta.
His pride prevents Faf-kun from bowing.
“We did it!”
Rewards are given.
Who’s drinking the mysterious green liquid?
A present for Kobayashi!
Apparently you grind it up and apply it to sore lower backs!
Two bros chillin’.
Oh, did they exchange presents, too?
Shouta and Ballon Lady.
Elma looks moe as usual.
Kobayashi gives Tohru a nice scarf.
“Yo, when Santa comin’?”
“I’m gonna mess dis fool up fer takin’ dis long.”

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    1. It suits her too perfectly!

      Mmm it was but I just get the feeling that I wanted more than just that. I guess what I feel about Gabriel DropOut applies to Maidragon, too. I’m being unreasonable, I know.

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